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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flow-Mo are Circle Kings 2009!

Congrats to Hatsolo & Focus for taking circle kings world finals 2009 in lausanne, switzerland! The event gets more & more notice every year and Flow-Mo are now three time winners of CKs! The final was between Jinjo from korea and fmc!

Here's the final:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sony Ericsson Bboy Championships Player

I got contacted about this Sony Ericsson Bboy Championships player so here it is. There's a lot of professionally made footage coming every week (Regards to the editors & shooters, good time in UK :) ). If you wanna browse check the stuff in Hooch diaries. There's also couple clips from Finland's championships & flow-mo.. check them out!

The actual site for the player is here http://www.bboychampionships.com/tv/

Budget Wide-Angle Lens For Canon HF200

I bought a lens from ebay for my Canon HF200 camera. The cost was 12,5$ + shipping, which was about 6$ from HONG KONG. It arrived 2 weeks ago to my post office but i didn't get the notification but the shipping itself was average fast. So altogether the lens cost about 14 euros - the price & quality is pretty decent compared to 200 euro canon's lens. This lens is .45x and canon is .70x.

I can't complain for the design and fitting of the combo either:

Test photos:
Without the lens

With the lens

Of course the quality for the lens is not the most pro but "if you don't got job" (like katt williams says) and you want to record in cypher.. then any additional centimeter counts!!

If you are interested here's the direct link for the lens (it says it also fits JVC, SONY):


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PS3 Exclusive

Hello, it's PS3 time :)

I just got through the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on PS3 .. I played the previous Ninja Gaiden on xbox years ago, which was one of the dopest games I played on xbox. Sigma 2 was alright on action side, The "story" sucked just like you can expect, but taking enemies out is always fun.. until you get bored.

I still got flu since UK Champs so I have to continue the gaming marathon. Pasi from old Midpoint Rockers / Flow-Mo suggested I should buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I played its Multiplayer Beta online before the game was released and it was ok so I went to store and bought it, why not while waiting for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to come out on 11th of November. I Pre-ordered that from CDWOW.com tho I had no experiences about the site but let's see how they manage.

If there's more of those Playstation 3 owners out there, please add me to your friends, attach some kind of message along, the username is OMGFLOW.

One thing I learned today is to get rid of your games before they go platinum edition. After that they have no value anymore!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UK Bboy Championships 2009 Popping final ++

I just got back from UK champs 09, trip was funny! Thanks to top9 & skill methodz for late night concrete jamming. Me and Hat freestyled the whole busdrive from hotel to airport.

Here's the Popping Final, Thanks to Dj Renegade for playing my beat in the final (the 3rd song):

Slim Boogie (US) vs Dey Dey (FR)

Winner was Dey Dey:

Locking winners A-train & Yared:

Taya, Candy & A.T. won the Bgirl 3vs3!!

Endangered Species (Skill Methodz + Lil John & Speedy) won the Bboy crew battles, Congrrats!

And just the venue:


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BBoy Laos in interview

I was looking my footage from IBE 09 and I found an interview with Laos. It was recorded after afterparty so maybe that's the reason it was forgotten there. Respect to Laos, the OG. He was ripping the same cyphers with us.

Anyway, here it is:

On Friday we're going to UK Bboy Championships 2009, london. I'm looking forward to it, it has been a fun event every year. Flow-Mo takes part in the crews, Hatsolo in solos.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Septemberish Sweden (circle prinz, funktastic & challenge of the masters)

Back on practising after the trip!!

- Dope funk band
- Too many beers
- 5 days
- lots of friends
- breaking was hard

Special thanks to Marre for getting us there and Jacob for hosting!
Ghost crew had 5 years anniversary so congratulations!!

I uploaded judge showcases from yukari & gucchon, check it out:

Friday, September 18, 2009

IBE 09 -> Funktastic, Circle Prinz Scandinavia

Last weeked in IBE was great. So much happening in one weekend that it's impossible to check even a fifth of what's happening. I judged the octagon battle with hatsolo & Poe-1, but it was funny since I didnt have to point winner a single time, since everybody crashed :)

Winner was Basil

I peeped at Kite's workshop for a minute.. here's a lil clip from there:

I recorded the whole Popping showcase battle, which was very nice.. Kite's second run was crazy. I liked slim boogie alot too. I only name them now since everybody in the battle are legendary and dope anyway. Maybe i upload it later, tho you can find it from youtube already.

We arrived sweden today.... by boat.. so i'm not feeling too well right now as you can imagine. Today there's workshops from Gucchon & Focus. Tomorrow Circle Prinz Scandinavia and on sunday there's bboy crew battles and locking & popping 1 on 1. Check it ooooooudi.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gucchon interview

Oh and fast post about Gucchon's interview. It's just uploaded so check it out:


IBE 2009 Holland

I got good feeling about going to IBE 2009 today. The flight leaves in about two hours.. so I got to start packing soon.

The event is massive big. Circle prinz, UK bboy championship eliminations, footwork, all vs all, 7 to smoke, longest powermove, funk bands, popping, locking... man just everything & everyone. And in holland :). BOOM.

Bboy scene is going to be what expected but I'm interested what's happening popping wise.
Kite, J-smooth, bionic, salah, bruce ykanji, mike, slim boogie etc etc.
+From lockers Lock'n'Lol gonna perform from korea.

See you there!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kei's Judge Showcase & New Olli Album in October

Sade festival was great this year. Venue was bigger and better, as it was in Freda 51.
All the guests were great.. Marjory was super nice person. She has seen some years already so that it seems like she can think everything on positive way. It inspired me a lot.

I'm uploading Kei's judge showcase on my new beat here
: ( & Stay tuned for new Olli Album, coming out in October 2009!!!) :


Friday, September 4, 2009

SADE Festival 2009 MIXTAPE!!

SADE Festival 2009 is going down tomorrow in Freda 51, Helsinki Finland.


DJ's: MERCY-1 (hiphop / locking / popping), 3rrd (house)

My newest mixtape provides banging heat for hiphop & popping styles...
Check it, cause it's worth it!!!!!
I was in time like always, I took the covers & cds for pressing today.. so there was plenty of time =), Last time I burned them myself home night before the jam.

Mixtape cover:

Tomorrow's gonna be Boom!

Next weekend after SADE festival there will be IBE 2009 at holland where i'll be at, so catch up the rest of you there!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Circle Prinz, UK CHAMPS solo's & Finnish championships 2009

In Finland it a buzy times.

Yesterday we had Circle Prinz Finland

Winners were Ukraine's Ruffneck bboys.
Second place was taken by Deep Bangers.

Nice party & competition, great cyphers! Only minus was that people didn't drink enough (bad for organizers moneywise, good for humans healthywise)

Timo / deep bangers:

Today was UK bboy championships 2009 Finland & Finnish championships in same contest.

Winner was Flow-Mo's own Hatsolo.
Bgirl category for finnish championships was also for Flow-Mo, this time Bgirl A.T.
under 16 years was taken by Bboy Toast.
In bboy category it was 70 participants from all over the world.
It would have been 71, but I was late for signing =)

Hatsolo & A.T.

Tomorrow it's UK champs crew eliminations... but now it's a party time -->.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flow-Mo 'Response' theatre piece

Flow-Mo has come out with new theatre piece called Response.

Premier is tonight in URB-Festival. Check it if you have a chance!
Recognize Crew from Serbia will be doing a piece too at the same night. It's always nice to hang with them guys (they smuggle RAKIA booze over the borders :D).


RESPONSE looks at the possibilities of combining the movement of dance with moving image. The work's final form is achieved as the result of an open process where each member of the artist group has an equal chance of affecting the end product.

Growing side by side with URB, Flow-Mo approaches breakdance from a new perspective. The interplay between dancers in terms of improvisation, the mood of a certain moment, and the reactions of the audience are explored. Equilibrium between peace and chaos, between the purity and impurity of movement is something the dance considers.

Video designer Petri Ruikka approaches breakdance through moving image. He explores the real-time merging of image with movement, and the whole that this creates. At what point are dialogue and a common space between the two created? Contributing to creating this space are light designer Jani-Matti Salo and sound designer Taneli Bruun.

Light design: Jani-Matti Salo
Video design: Petri Ruikka
Sound design: Taneli Bruun
Duration: 30 min

More INFO : www.urb.fi

And be sure to visit my fellow crewmates blogsites (today is bloggin day, 1st for all of us actually for a month haha) :


www.taukojalka.com is a a site worth to check anyways too!! It's mostly in finnish tho.

Friday, June 12, 2009

boat trips + shows + summer jams = random stuff

This is how to put boat back in to water for summer...

Getting to a new dock..

Chillinn, in Helsinki centrum with topi & markku.

Yesterday I was on the sea with my girlfriend... engine crashed, so we had to try to dock with natural forces only wind with us! We almost made it back before we got stuck to the seafloor haha. With no engines and nothing it was impossible to get the boat move again. Until I saw some waves coming so as a wise & very experienced captain I lifted up the sails and when the waves hit the boat, we got moving after couple of touchdowns. When we got away from there the docking was surprisingly even easier than with motor.. luck? who knows.

Flow-Mo was having a show at Mbar, it was Funky Elephant festival's opening. Our show was craazy to be honest.

Check some pics.. that's me:



and Flow-Mo's graff artist Tolin's graff from the night

Evening got heated on the "dancefloor" too..

Ohyeah, Jeniwai's birthday was also 2 days ago..
things got interesting at times..

Hotpanties performing :)

Next weekend to wednesday i'll be at Kuopio tanssii ja soi (Kuopio) with antopio & dance.fi. Theatre shows and i'll be spinning @Intro on monday.

Jams's in Finland this summer:

1. Mid Summer fest.get driuuuuaank 19-21.6.2009
2. Oulun Katutanssit (Oulu) (3vs3 bboys & showcase competition) 4.7.2009
3. Payback (Jyväskylä) (2vs2 hiphop, 2vs2 bboys) 10-11.7.2009
4. Trevenge (Tampere) date ????
5. Pori Jazz (Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq etc) 16.-18.7.2009
6. Taukojam, circle prinz, UK champ eliminations, etc. 21.-22.8.2009
7. SADE -festival (Helsinki)(popping, locking, house, hiphop 1vs1 battles) 4.-6.9.2009

See you in most of them, I HOPE.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Free download of I love 90's hiphop mixtape from last year. The mixtape is trackmarked so it's easy to listen and also definately 1 of my favorite mixtapes. For the people who bought it before, downloading it gives you the tracklist aswell. Track 17 is produced by me on Onyx's - Take 'em up.

Mixtape is definately diamond for hiphop dancers & bboys!!

Please share and post where and whoever you want to,

Download it here:



Monday, May 25, 2009

summer thoughts in stockholm

Today I came to Stockholm to see my girlfriend and chill. I was going to holla Damon Frost but I felt too cheapass to use my money on transportations, so i tried to walk to centrum - got tired, bought beer and sit down and watch the sunset beside the sea.

I didn't think about it before but now i know that next summer i'll be wasted. Shout outs to my homies...

Drinking carlsberg to 'erykah badu's - back in the day' with fresh sneakers in Stockholm.

Badu in Pori Jazz 2009 this summer..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Exploring finnish culture

We are in Savonlinna having couple workshops and a show... The area is a must-to-visit for nature lovers.. the Finland's biggest lake Saimaa and boats made me look forward for summer and sailing. Kalsse and Dabo had points !!

I'm happy we didn't ride here with this school bus.. Poor fellas.

Bridge to Olavinlinna

It says: "Mitä vaatii suomessa vapaus vaan, se isästä poikaan maksetaan" Ruff, finnish war history. Fathers and sons payed lifes for freedom.

An Old school castle called Olavinlinna

Local delicacy "lörtsy":

Inside castle:


from hotel window:

workshop organizer Miha:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Time for some action

Thesis is done so it's time to get busy.

For the poppers, I can promise a new CD coming in couple months.

Last weekend we had Mr.Wiggles giving workshops here in Helsinki, thanks to Jenny's & Jeniwai's DOUBLE J. I've heard rumors that SADE -festival that's coming in autumn will be crazy.

Summer is coming too, so the jams to watch out in summer will be Oulun Katutanssit 3-4.7. where I will also play at. Remember to check Payback jam as well in Jyväskylä 12.7.

My sailing boat is getting pimped for the summer. Let's just hope for a warm and sunny summer.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Adidas 60 years anniversary

Adidas had it's 60 yrs anniversay in Tavastia couple weeks back. Flow-Mo had a show there among other shows like Kemmuru, Loost Koos, Rudy Rok, Martti Kuoppa, Super Janne, Dj Anonymous, Dj didier, J-laini, DJPP etc. It was pretty cool event. At least for me.. it went on till 9 AM with sauna afterpartys.

Few pics:


shiit, who's cool now?

Aksim from Kemmuru holdin it down

AT & Focus

Ah... these are from our show. Otso Kääriäinen took these pics with my camera, I thought to add a few from the minimal 350 pics he took. So it's like, what..less than 1 pic for a second? cool.. Check his gallery for pics from different jams: http://www.kaiku.galleria.fi/kuvat/

Right now I concentrate on my thesis so I hope you won't hear anything of me in next couple weeks. I hate deadlines.. but on the other hand, I couldnt get anything done without them.