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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Free download of I love 90's hiphop mixtape from last year. The mixtape is trackmarked so it's easy to listen and also definately 1 of my favorite mixtapes. For the people who bought it before, downloading it gives you the tracklist aswell. Track 17 is produced by me on Onyx's - Take 'em up.

Mixtape is definately diamond for hiphop dancers & bboys!!

Please share and post where and whoever you want to,

Download it here:



Monday, May 25, 2009

summer thoughts in stockholm

Today I came to Stockholm to see my girlfriend and chill. I was going to holla Damon Frost but I felt too cheapass to use my money on transportations, so i tried to walk to centrum - got tired, bought beer and sit down and watch the sunset beside the sea.

I didn't think about it before but now i know that next summer i'll be wasted. Shout outs to my homies...

Drinking carlsberg to 'erykah badu's - back in the day' with fresh sneakers in Stockholm.

Badu in Pori Jazz 2009 this summer..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Exploring finnish culture

We are in Savonlinna having couple workshops and a show... The area is a must-to-visit for nature lovers.. the Finland's biggest lake Saimaa and boats made me look forward for summer and sailing. Kalsse and Dabo had points !!

I'm happy we didn't ride here with this school bus.. Poor fellas.

Bridge to Olavinlinna

It says: "Mitä vaatii suomessa vapaus vaan, se isästä poikaan maksetaan" Ruff, finnish war history. Fathers and sons payed lifes for freedom.

An Old school castle called Olavinlinna

Local delicacy "lörtsy":

Inside castle:


from hotel window:

workshop organizer Miha:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Time for some action

Thesis is done so it's time to get busy.

For the poppers, I can promise a new CD coming in couple months.

Last weekend we had Mr.Wiggles giving workshops here in Helsinki, thanks to Jenny's & Jeniwai's DOUBLE J. I've heard rumors that SADE -festival that's coming in autumn will be crazy.

Summer is coming too, so the jams to watch out in summer will be Oulun Katutanssit 3-4.7. where I will also play at. Remember to check Payback jam as well in Jyväskylä 12.7.

My sailing boat is getting pimped for the summer. Let's just hope for a warm and sunny summer.