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Friday, May 22, 2009

Exploring finnish culture

We are in Savonlinna having couple workshops and a show... The area is a must-to-visit for nature lovers.. the Finland's biggest lake Saimaa and boats made me look forward for summer and sailing. Kalsse and Dabo had points !!

I'm happy we didn't ride here with this school bus.. Poor fellas.

Bridge to Olavinlinna

It says: "Mitä vaatii suomessa vapaus vaan, se isästä poikaan maksetaan" Ruff, finnish war history. Fathers and sons payed lifes for freedom.

An Old school castle called Olavinlinna

Local delicacy "lörtsy":

Inside castle:


from hotel window:

workshop organizer Miha:


Tutzi said...

Nice update! i like your pictures You are getting better and better with camera. Keep posts comming! and have nice summertime!

Olli aka 'Mercy-1' said...

thanks for the comment tutzi bro! :)