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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dance Delight Paris

I'm now playing records every Monday to Thursday about 16-21.00 or later at a café 'Luft' in Kallio. It's open till 23.00 so I might play till 22.30.

Welcome to chill for a coffee or beer or to eat something.

Last weekend we were in Paris for Dance Delight eliminations.

At the venue, which was a nice old classic theatre, Bruce had a info to all crews (about 23), only we and 1 crew from Spain were outside of France.

Don't mess with stretching Ansq :)

This was the venue & crowd:

We had real good atmosphere while warmin up and the show went dopish.. It weren't enough to get any places but we had a nice feeling anyway. So itta crew after the show:

Vane, Ramo, Topi, Anniina, Olli, Jenny

After the show girls were so angry that they started drinkin and especially anniina and Topi got so furious!!

I personally was just chilling and enjoying life

Oh yeah this was the winners, i dont remember the name since they spoke french and i couldnt understand anything:


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Me and Antopio and dope girls are representin finnish Nordic Moves Hiphop All Star Team, we are in Paris right now. Food is same like always, barely eatable. Tomorrow there is Dance Delight competition, and the winner will go to Japan. Yesterday it was in Berlin and I heard The Prodigy Crew from Austria came second. Last show I saw from them was mainly footwork oriented, dope.

Jeniwai And Jenny organized Superfunk event in september, I didn't have time to take pics like usual but anyway couple for bonus:

Housewives Show:

guest Fred:


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Street Flow 08 & Heaven / Hell

Yesterday was Street Flow 08. I heard there was about 700 people, free event and quality entertainment so why not.

Winners: Jeniwai & Jenny = Double J

Congrats, GIRL POWER!!


Dance.fi presents, Special Training Posse:

And Here we got the Promoter, BBoy The Norsu:

Dope Event, hopefully there's another one coming soon!

On saturday I was playing at was Heaven / Hell at Manala. Party was a great success, just like borat would say. It was first time for years that Manala had queue to get in. Alot of people and great vibe.

BangBro Timo was the first one to break the pint on the floor and first one to roll the stairs at pasila station. Respect for tequila mistakes.

Dj Adou and girls


Friday, October 10, 2008

A Bboy's Worth

Back on the track..

I just came from fashion show, I did flares with just long, orange Bjorn Borg boxers and a wifebeater. Pretty dopish. Selling my soul there. Maybe I'll get it back. Pictures might be even too hardcore for this blog.

ACTUALLY, when I now watch these gig pictures on the whole, they are all kind of crazy, I mean, for example, check this outfit from last weekend Gig at Jyväskylä:

And this 1 from the fashion show today..

(at least our sponsor ADIDAS has visibility here)

These days make a man wonder, what's A Bboy's Worth? -Ollicia Keys

Discuss about the issue freely with comments.

, on saturday we have party called Heaven / Hell in Manala aka Botta, Entrance is free so welcome! Dj's are Adou and me.

event info @ facebook


On Tuesday there is dance competition "Street Flow 08" . Event takes place in Töölön Kisahalli, Helsinki. It is Allstyles battle so bboys might get against ballet dancers on house music. Entrance free on this one too! Welcome! You will like this im sure.


On Friday I will spin in Lux, it's NRJ's silent party, so party people are equipped with wireless headphones and there's 3 different channels to listen to. Intresting.


On Saturday Flow-Mo will battle in Estonia in Battle Of Est, Who's gonna lose to americans this time?