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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UK Bboy Championships 2009 Popping final ++

I just got back from UK champs 09, trip was funny! Thanks to top9 & skill methodz for late night concrete jamming. Me and Hat freestyled the whole busdrive from hotel to airport.

Here's the Popping Final, Thanks to Dj Renegade for playing my beat in the final (the 3rd song):

Slim Boogie (US) vs Dey Dey (FR)

Winner was Dey Dey:

Locking winners A-train & Yared:

Taya, Candy & A.T. won the Bgirl 3vs3!!

Endangered Species (Skill Methodz + Lil John & Speedy) won the Bboy crew battles, Congrrats!

And just the venue:



Candy said...

Mercy 1!
hey its candy! add me on facebook.. i have a blog too...

anyway keep in touch- see u helsinki soon!

Olli aka 'Mercy-1' said...

Heyy candy!

I didn't find you in facebook :D
What's your name there?

Are you coming to helsinki ??