Poppers corner: Olli - Diacachimba

Friday, September 25, 2009

Septemberish Sweden (circle prinz, funktastic & challenge of the masters)

Back on practising after the trip!!

- Dope funk band
- Too many beers
- 5 days
- lots of friends
- breaking was hard

Special thanks to Marre for getting us there and Jacob for hosting!
Ghost crew had 5 years anniversary so congratulations!!

I uploaded judge showcases from yukari & gucchon, check it out:

Friday, September 18, 2009

IBE 09 -> Funktastic, Circle Prinz Scandinavia

Last weeked in IBE was great. So much happening in one weekend that it's impossible to check even a fifth of what's happening. I judged the octagon battle with hatsolo & Poe-1, but it was funny since I didnt have to point winner a single time, since everybody crashed :)

Winner was Basil

I peeped at Kite's workshop for a minute.. here's a lil clip from there:

I recorded the whole Popping showcase battle, which was very nice.. Kite's second run was crazy. I liked slim boogie alot too. I only name them now since everybody in the battle are legendary and dope anyway. Maybe i upload it later, tho you can find it from youtube already.

We arrived sweden today.... by boat.. so i'm not feeling too well right now as you can imagine. Today there's workshops from Gucchon & Focus. Tomorrow Circle Prinz Scandinavia and on sunday there's bboy crew battles and locking & popping 1 on 1. Check it ooooooudi.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gucchon interview

Oh and fast post about Gucchon's interview. It's just uploaded so check it out:


IBE 2009 Holland

I got good feeling about going to IBE 2009 today. The flight leaves in about two hours.. so I got to start packing soon.

The event is massive big. Circle prinz, UK bboy championship eliminations, footwork, all vs all, 7 to smoke, longest powermove, funk bands, popping, locking... man just everything & everyone. And in holland :). BOOM.

Bboy scene is going to be what expected but I'm interested what's happening popping wise.
Kite, J-smooth, bionic, salah, bruce ykanji, mike, slim boogie etc etc.
+From lockers Lock'n'Lol gonna perform from korea.

See you there!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kei's Judge Showcase & New Olli Album in October

Sade festival was great this year. Venue was bigger and better, as it was in Freda 51.
All the guests were great.. Marjory was super nice person. She has seen some years already so that it seems like she can think everything on positive way. It inspired me a lot.

I'm uploading Kei's judge showcase on my new beat here
: ( & Stay tuned for new Olli Album, coming out in October 2009!!!) :


Friday, September 4, 2009

SADE Festival 2009 MIXTAPE!!

SADE Festival 2009 is going down tomorrow in Freda 51, Helsinki Finland.


DJ's: MERCY-1 (hiphop / locking / popping), 3rrd (house)

My newest mixtape provides banging heat for hiphop & popping styles...
Check it, cause it's worth it!!!!!
I was in time like always, I took the covers & cds for pressing today.. so there was plenty of time =), Last time I burned them myself home night before the jam.

Mixtape cover:

Tomorrow's gonna be Boom!

Next weekend after SADE festival there will be IBE 2009 at holland where i'll be at, so catch up the rest of you there!