Poppers corner: Olli - Diacachimba

Friday, January 29, 2010

R.I.P Greg Campbellock jr.

Greg Campbellock Jr has passed away in LA hospital.
A legendary Lockers member was a mentor & inspiration for a lot of people in our culture.

Rest In Peace.

Friday, January 22, 2010

http://www.olli.bz Open! Boogaloo Danger Vol.2 JAN 25TH!

I got my site finally up, the adress is http://www.olli.bz

You can listen to Olli - Boogaloo Danger Vol. 2 snippets over there too! The online release date for it is January 25th!!

Boogaloo Danger Vol.2 Tracklist:

1. P Stands For Popping
2. Freak U Out
3. Drama 101
4. Precious Thing
5. Deez Hits
6. What The Time
7. Rampage of Mercy
8. She Was A Zombie
9. Blazin' Fakts
10. Snowing Night
11. Shoes
12. Mole On A Trek f. Linda Ilves

Here's already some hype of the tracks featured in Youtube:

Kei Showcase in Funk Style Session 09:

Gucchon in juste debout japan clip (at time 2:55)

And Kei also in sade festival:

I hope I'll see lot of you on saturday In Juste Debout Finland. Besides JD judges, also The EB's & Ynot will be there too so shit's gonna be FUNKY. I will be carrying the new album & new RNB mixtape 'Gotta Get Game' over there so come & get 'em!

Oh and if you can make it tomorrow (Friday) to Bar Erottaja, I will be spinning there..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Olli - Boogaloo Danger Vol. 2 & RnB Mixtape

Oh yeah... I'm happy to announce that Olli - Boogaloo Danger Vol. 2 Will be out in Juste Debout Finland 23.1.2009. I'm letting you know about the online date before that!

Also new RNB mixtape is out with the same dates at juste debout! Sweet, Sexy, Nasty & Groovy new RNB for ya ass!!

Juste Debout 2010

New years!

Juste debout japan came out with following results:

House of Ninja/Alma (Shuho/Hyrossi)

Haruki & Riku

Hip Hop
Ryota & Riko

Hilty & Bosch (You & Jin)

Next weekend there's China and the weekend after that we will see in Finland.