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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Juste Debout Finland 2009

Last Weekend was Juste Debout Finland & Nordic Moves Street SM 2009 in Helsinki.

Elite Force Crew, Twins, Tony Gogo, Shannon, Damon, Aaron hosting, me on the decks with dj 3rd + more more

1st day:
(Juste Debout)

(for all the pics of DAY 1 only visit http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/d433ee7e1d35bd54949790d22f0e205d/ )

Me playing hiphop, popping & locking categories

DJ 3rd took care about house

Winners Bolded

Hiphop Final battle was between Saku & Sepe vs Antopio (Flow-Mo) & Anniina.

Locking Sonic Skool vs Energy to Burn

Poppin was between Russians and Maestro Toys won.

House was taken by Beat Fly against Masa & Anniina.




Day 2

Day 2 was Showcase competition. Judges were Elite Force Crew, Twins, Damon, Focus.

(For all the pics of day 2 only visit http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/017db5b876bdbd549929c23813a20aae/ )

Elite Force Crew



Dance.fi (5th Place)

Urban Movement Crew (4th Place)

(S)Exhale (S)Extended (3rd Place)

Will Funk For Food (2nd Place)

Natural Hype (1st Place)




I missed the S-crew show.

After shows..
Twins, Elite Force, Damon, Natural Hype, Mercy-1,

all the pics:

day1 http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/d433ee7e1d35bd54949790d22f0e205d/

day2 http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/017db5b876bdbd549929c23813a20aae/

Today we are going to Juste Debout Scandinavia / Street Star, Sweden. See you there!!

Remember also that Wild Cherry is coming to Finland for workshops and panel discussion 6.-8.2. !! Superfunk vol 2.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

4 da next level 2009, korea

I found 4 clips from 4 da next level 2009 Korea where my beats were played in battles,
check them out..

AKA KIN VS CRAZY KYO (second song)

AKA KIN VS MR BOO (1st song)

Second Song, POPPIN J VS XXX.

(second song)


Monday, January 19, 2009

Yyteri mixtape 2005

I listened to my old mixtape from 2005, recorded oneshot and without bigger planning but there's nice songs I was feelin that time. It's made for summer festival trip 'Pori Jazz'/'Yyteri'.

I had nice beard on that trip :) In the pic Also Marks & Juho

Here's the link for download:


Yyteri mixtape 2005
1. Slum Village Intro
2. Biggie - juicy remix
3. Pharcyde - Evolution
4. J. Rawls - Birds of a feather f. lone catalysts
5. Peanut Butter wolf - Run Down the Line f Rasco
6. -Breakthrough
7. I.N.I - Fakin Jax
8. Jazzy Jeff - For da love of da game
9. Little Brother - Shorty on the lookout
10. Phat Cat - Microphone Master
11. Roots - Ain't saying nothing new
12. Polyrhythm Addicts - Take Me home
13. Quasimoto - MHBs
14. Krumb Snatcha - Gettin' Closer to God
15. O.C. - Far from yours
16. Lone Catalysts - The Pro's
17. Declaime - Uplift the opposite
18. Mass influence - Life to the MC
19. People Under the Stairs - The Suite For Beaver Part 2
20. Unspoken Heard - Truly Unique
21. Eric Sermon - Don't Give up
22. Odyssey - Inside Out
23. Ghostface Killah - Never be the same again f. Carl Thomas, Raekwon
24. A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed out
25. Lord Digga - Sacks 5th Ave.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cross Over 2008

I can't believe spending money like I actually had it.

But that's the way it goes, My brother bought 46" TV so I had to go after him and buy Full HD video projector for my PS3 which i bought a week ago. At least it more than doubles my brother's screensize. Right now I feel pretty upset but when I play new Final Fantasy 13 with 110" screen, I believe everything will be alrite..

Cathy from France has popping workshops today and tomorrow in Helsinki. Check them latest tomorrow if you missed today!

Also Flow-Mo documentary 'Let it Flow' will be shown on Finnish national TV on channel Yle Teema on saturday 15:00 & sunday 22:45. Remember to watch if you haven't yet.

Check my man Marks produced track with Ken Ring from Sweden, hiphop. Track is called 'Uppstår' from Ken's latest mixtape.
Listen it here:

So.. Cross Over Osaka, Japan.
After I came from Kyoto in the morning, on the sameday was 'Cross Over' event, The event that ends the year at Alley-Oop dance school.. I was prepared to sleep max 3 hours, since I knew girls would have a showcase there and I COULDNT MISS IT, since I MISSED THE PREVIOUS in 'Female trouble' event and the GIRLS WOULD KILL ME IF I MISS THIS ONE TOO!

I almost overslept but happily the event was late. The girls' showcase would start the whole thing.

People were warming up for 2vs2 Wacking, 2vs2 popping, 2vs2 locking -battles.

The night's band was doing mic checks :)

And girls were checkin their places

And Jenny was practicing her footwork..

I was hanging with wonderful RM sisters ;)

Ok well the battles and prelims..:

Actually there are so many of these pics that I put small thumbnails and then just click to open it full size, ok?

lets do it: (I won't comment on these ones, I let the people here in pics have peace and be anonymous if you don't recognize them)

Band had a talkbox show..

Marika And Kaisa from Finland won the wacking part, and Double'J came second in Popping. Congrats :)

The Event was Mad FUN! If you checked the pics you might have seen that at times it got out of hands.
Japan was more crazier than Finland AFTERALL!

When the event ended.. we went to eat with bunch of people. Gucchon, Kei, Tetsu-G, RM Sisters, Aeroman, Acky, etcetcetcetc.. it was delicious japanese food and I was happy with some drinks :).

Ayyght! Im out for now!