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Friday, June 12, 2009

boat trips + shows + summer jams = random stuff

This is how to put boat back in to water for summer...

Getting to a new dock..

Chillinn, in Helsinki centrum with topi & markku.

Yesterday I was on the sea with my girlfriend... engine crashed, so we had to try to dock with natural forces only wind with us! We almost made it back before we got stuck to the seafloor haha. With no engines and nothing it was impossible to get the boat move again. Until I saw some waves coming so as a wise & very experienced captain I lifted up the sails and when the waves hit the boat, we got moving after couple of touchdowns. When we got away from there the docking was surprisingly even easier than with motor.. luck? who knows.

Flow-Mo was having a show at Mbar, it was Funky Elephant festival's opening. Our show was craazy to be honest.

Check some pics.. that's me:



and Flow-Mo's graff artist Tolin's graff from the night

Evening got heated on the "dancefloor" too..

Ohyeah, Jeniwai's birthday was also 2 days ago..
things got interesting at times..

Hotpanties performing :)

Next weekend to wednesday i'll be at Kuopio tanssii ja soi (Kuopio) with antopio & dance.fi. Theatre shows and i'll be spinning @Intro on monday.

Jams's in Finland this summer:

1. Mid Summer fest.get driuuuuaank 19-21.6.2009
2. Oulun Katutanssit (Oulu) (3vs3 bboys & showcase competition) 4.7.2009
3. Payback (Jyväskylä) (2vs2 hiphop, 2vs2 bboys) 10-11.7.2009
4. Trevenge (Tampere) date ????
5. Pori Jazz (Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq etc) 16.-18.7.2009
6. Taukojam, circle prinz, UK champ eliminations, etc. 21.-22.8.2009
7. SADE -festival (Helsinki)(popping, locking, house, hiphop 1vs1 battles) 4.-6.9.2009

See you in most of them, I HOPE.