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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flow-Mo 'Response' theatre piece

Flow-Mo has come out with new theatre piece called Response.

Premier is tonight in URB-Festival. Check it if you have a chance!
Recognize Crew from Serbia will be doing a piece too at the same night. It's always nice to hang with them guys (they smuggle RAKIA booze over the borders :D).


RESPONSE looks at the possibilities of combining the movement of dance with moving image. The work's final form is achieved as the result of an open process where each member of the artist group has an equal chance of affecting the end product.

Growing side by side with URB, Flow-Mo approaches breakdance from a new perspective. The interplay between dancers in terms of improvisation, the mood of a certain moment, and the reactions of the audience are explored. Equilibrium between peace and chaos, between the purity and impurity of movement is something the dance considers.

Video designer Petri Ruikka approaches breakdance through moving image. He explores the real-time merging of image with movement, and the whole that this creates. At what point are dialogue and a common space between the two created? Contributing to creating this space are light designer Jani-Matti Salo and sound designer Taneli Bruun.

Light design: Jani-Matti Salo
Video design: Petri Ruikka
Sound design: Taneli Bruun
Duration: 30 min

More INFO : www.urb.fi

And be sure to visit my fellow crewmates blogsites (today is bloggin day, 1st for all of us actually for a month haha) :


www.taukojalka.com is a a site worth to check anyways too!! It's mostly in finnish tho.

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