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Monday, October 26, 2009

Budget Wide-Angle Lens For Canon HF200

I bought a lens from ebay for my Canon HF200 camera. The cost was 12,5$ + shipping, which was about 6$ from HONG KONG. It arrived 2 weeks ago to my post office but i didn't get the notification but the shipping itself was average fast. So altogether the lens cost about 14 euros - the price & quality is pretty decent compared to 200 euro canon's lens. This lens is .45x and canon is .70x.

I can't complain for the design and fitting of the combo either:

Test photos:
Without the lens

With the lens

Of course the quality for the lens is not the most pro but "if you don't got job" (like katt williams says) and you want to record in cypher.. then any additional centimeter counts!!

If you are interested here's the direct link for the lens (it says it also fits JVC, SONY):



Tutzi said...

Oh nice post! I have to say that you really hitted jackpot with this lens! It's unbelievable good if you compare to it to the price! I would like to see some bboy footage soon with this lens =)have you recovered from your flu?

ps Thanks for keeping this blog so alive i always like to read you stories!


Olli aka 'Mercy-1' said...

What up Tutzi!?! Thanks :) Im also looking forward for some footage! Yeah I'm almost recovered... today was great practise, first in two weeks!

123 123 said...

Nice story as for me. I'd like to read something more about that topic.
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