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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Japan vol.1

Holllerr & Merry Christmas!

The Christmas in Japan isn't like in Finland + I guess we have to postpone celebrating christmas since girls want to take part to dance classes. Sad!

First week of japan has been pretty busy.
I was out about 6/7 days. Alot of funkstyles as expected but I haven't seen bboying.

Too many pictures to add now while girls are eating basic japanese food: rice, tofu, udon & miso soup. I ate a Quarter Pounder Meal in McDonald's. Yesterday there was 3 block queue to get that meal. Japanese are crazy.

Next Pictures are from Guda Guda 2008 Finals, 2 vs 2 Allstyle freestyle battle:


Cio / Gang Manish

Domique & Yokoi / Electric Trouble

Hasse & Shun / Exze - Dai



Sunday, December 14, 2008

Olli - Boogaloo Danger OUT NOW!

It's here for all poppers & newstylers and people who likes stuff like dat:

to buy Album, Go here:

For free listen & download:

Olli - Boogaloo Danger - 7 - Makin love.mp3

Thankss yous, and please, Support the Funk!! :)

Tomorrow I will be flying to Japan for three weeks. It will be blaastthyn!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holland /Black Soil International Hip Hop Film Festival


Yesterday I was in Rotterdam, Holland with Taya. Black Soil showed our document 'Let it flow' on the festival and the black soil people also wanted couple of flow-mo members to come there.

The flight went fine but when we got to Holland, the driver forgot to pick us up and all the 3 contact phonenumbers were wrong in our papers. After 1,5hours waiting we finally got a phone call.

Anyway, beside that, hotel was fancy, called Westin, only sad thing was they not having free internet connection there. I think it is the thing which defines wether the hotel has 4 or 5 stars. After 4 minute bath, we went to eat but before we got our food, the document started already. Happily we had seen it before. After document we had answered to few questions. fortunately that they had something to ask :)

the document screening:

Host & Producer Ballantyne, great guy:

cyphers, bgirls takin ova

This kid had great talent on power moves.. halos and headspins and mills etc!

Dj Cut Nice played funky jams

Pose with Aruna who was kinda organizing the event and other bgirls!

The AFTERPARTY then was reeally dope.

DJ spinna was playing there, he had Michael Jackson vs Prince -theme. DOPE.

Basicly the dancefloor was filled during the whole set! I got my poppin on! But like with most of the best parties, the camera was left to hotel room!

Spinna is one of my biggest inspirations while i was starting to DJ..
Spinna's 12" 'Rock' & 'Watch deez' was 1 of the 2 first hiphop vinyl I bought. Then the mixtape 'Hiphop independence day vol.1' was in a lot of listening back then.

I hanged quite a lot with Rabbain aka Ruby (Peace!)

Reportteri Olli presents Late Nite Chat -series with Taija. No, miten se reissu meni? (in finnish)

And after holland's own fast food and couple hours of sleep we left to airport..

Spinna and us

Yeah overall the 'trip was a short one / but a lot of fun'. Rhymin n s**t!

Thanks for everybody who we met, all the organizers and everybody who came to see the document! Stay in touch!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Poppin CD Comin out!

December is here so get your chocolate christmas calendars up on a wall! One of my favorite ones is Kinder's.

When the boat is on the ground, it's ok to snow!
Me with the first snow in Helsinki:

And the tram nr 9 that I roll with

December is pretty scary because I should have my thesis done, but gettin started is so hard!
Also it's very exciting because I will go to Osaka Japan almost for a month with a party of 6 girls (poppers lockers hiphop & house) :).

I've been working on Poppin project and there's going to be CD out for Japan's trip, next week already.

There's a cut from the CD on the up-left of this site, it's called "Pockets Fat". Take a listen. Let me know what you feel about it. The CD is comin out on 14th of December.

This saturday I'm going to Rotterdam, Holland with Taya. There's some Hiphop festival where the document 'Let it flow' of Flow-Mo's trip to Korea Sparkling R16 2007 is shown among other hiphop films. Then we are going to drop a little showcase tho Im not sure how it's going to be since I've got problems with my wrist and back.

If you are in Helsinki on saturday, go to Gloria for a Christmas Jam, organized by Dance.fi, it will be event and good way to celebrate the independece day of Finland!

Focus will go to England with A.T. to do some workshops, so if you are over there go and check them out. Focus has always dope stuff to show you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Real HipHop


Im happy that there's people like Primo and Masta Ace etc!! I mean I'm not hatin on ppl like Lil Wayne & T-pain. It's same like with Justin 5 years ago or with whoever, they got lots of good songs. I see lot of dissin everywhere and it's cool too. Real wouldn't be real without Keepin-it-realers.

Anyway i've been dwellin in lots of different genres lately and gettin back with primo stuff warms heart.

On producing side, there's too many cats trying to get their share of music biz so it's hard to success. Remember to be different AND / OR most importantly just do your thing! These things have said many times so aint nothing new but few lines won't hurt nobody.

For more good golden stuff Check my friend Marks' blog at www.taukojalka.com/kulta-aika
(only in finnish)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Obama is the new President of USA!

Time to celebrate also for us :)

Q-Tip released his album Renaissance on the same date yesterday!! I've been waiting for this a lot!


On last weekend there were two big events, circle kingz in switzerland and crash coosh in seattle, where Hatsolo and Focus repped:

There's also other nice clips from those Crash Coosh battles.

From Circle Kingz:

Couple shots from Luft where I play every Mon-Thu klo 16.00 ->

The decoration changes every month so this week there's new one, in the middle of process:


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dance Delight Paris

I'm now playing records every Monday to Thursday about 16-21.00 or later at a café 'Luft' in Kallio. It's open till 23.00 so I might play till 22.30.

Welcome to chill for a coffee or beer or to eat something.

Last weekend we were in Paris for Dance Delight eliminations.

At the venue, which was a nice old classic theatre, Bruce had a info to all crews (about 23), only we and 1 crew from Spain were outside of France.

Don't mess with stretching Ansq :)

This was the venue & crowd:

We had real good atmosphere while warmin up and the show went dopish.. It weren't enough to get any places but we had a nice feeling anyway. So itta crew after the show:

Vane, Ramo, Topi, Anniina, Olli, Jenny

After the show girls were so angry that they started drinkin and especially anniina and Topi got so furious!!

I personally was just chilling and enjoying life

Oh yeah this was the winners, i dont remember the name since they spoke french and i couldnt understand anything:


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Me and Antopio and dope girls are representin finnish Nordic Moves Hiphop All Star Team, we are in Paris right now. Food is same like always, barely eatable. Tomorrow there is Dance Delight competition, and the winner will go to Japan. Yesterday it was in Berlin and I heard The Prodigy Crew from Austria came second. Last show I saw from them was mainly footwork oriented, dope.

Jeniwai And Jenny organized Superfunk event in september, I didn't have time to take pics like usual but anyway couple for bonus:

Housewives Show:

guest Fred:


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Street Flow 08 & Heaven / Hell

Yesterday was Street Flow 08. I heard there was about 700 people, free event and quality entertainment so why not.

Winners: Jeniwai & Jenny = Double J

Congrats, GIRL POWER!!


Dance.fi presents, Special Training Posse:

And Here we got the Promoter, BBoy The Norsu:

Dope Event, hopefully there's another one coming soon!

On saturday I was playing at was Heaven / Hell at Manala. Party was a great success, just like borat would say. It was first time for years that Manala had queue to get in. Alot of people and great vibe.

BangBro Timo was the first one to break the pint on the floor and first one to roll the stairs at pasila station. Respect for tequila mistakes.

Dj Adou and girls


Friday, October 10, 2008

A Bboy's Worth

Back on the track..

I just came from fashion show, I did flares with just long, orange Bjorn Borg boxers and a wifebeater. Pretty dopish. Selling my soul there. Maybe I'll get it back. Pictures might be even too hardcore for this blog.

ACTUALLY, when I now watch these gig pictures on the whole, they are all kind of crazy, I mean, for example, check this outfit from last weekend Gig at Jyväskylä:

And this 1 from the fashion show today..

(at least our sponsor ADIDAS has visibility here)

These days make a man wonder, what's A Bboy's Worth? -Ollicia Keys

Discuss about the issue freely with comments.

, on saturday we have party called Heaven / Hell in Manala aka Botta, Entrance is free so welcome! Dj's are Adou and me.

event info @ facebook


On Tuesday there is dance competition "Street Flow 08" . Event takes place in Töölön Kisahalli, Helsinki. It is Allstyles battle so bboys might get against ballet dancers on house music. Entrance free on this one too! Welcome! You will like this im sure.


On Friday I will spin in Lux, it's NRJ's silent party, so party people are equipped with wireless headphones and there's 3 different channels to listen to. Intresting.


On Saturday Flow-Mo will battle in Estonia in Battle Of Est, Who's gonna lose to americans this time?


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sade & uk champ prelim afterparties, boats and grillin


Yesterday we had a show at Finnish Championships of grillin!

Look at this wonderful event!!

We had a gig at 11 AM, I personally came home 6h Before gig... so I was fully prepared to do a blasting, energetic show for everybody to see!

but ok we get back to ummm.... last weekend... saturday, party at hatsolo's crib, after UK champ crew battles! The Party got out of hands in my opinion. There were spanish guys Fusion Rockers, Dynasty Rockers, Finnish rock, Mouse, Finlands Deep forest Dealers, rancid rockers, flow mo, Girls, and who else?! Anssikoo! I had enough at 3 AM. Seriously, I feel sorry for neighbours.

All pics from the afterparty, check http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/7667a309937f3594a06ef379e10728ca/

Fishh for life!

hatsolo keepin it real

stylishh as always

bang bro and "uu - uu - it's da sound of uimonen"


Check this gallery for pictures from boat & SADE afterparty summer cottage party. Including foreign stars like Acky (japan), Khan (Korea), Mio (Germany), Oscar & Charlie (Sweden)


I want to thanks all the guests of the weekend, I had great time and it was a pleasure to chill with everybody!

We broke the record of how many people on my boat, it's now 9!! and most international crew for sho. Thanks for Oscar havin such a interest for sailing! Joanna is a veteran sailor already.

After sailing, From left to right (back row first).. Jeniwai, Jenny, Oscar, Khan, Charlie, Mio, Olli, Acky, Joanna

At the cottage

Acky, Jenny And Khan :)

This Arm Wrestling thing is dope.. Later I think I will make a table of who have won who and who is the ultimate winner of all!!

But on this evening, the battles were following:

Topi vs Marika, Winner : Topi
Topi vs Virpi, Winner: Topi
Topi vs Sanna, Winner: SANNA! :D
Kalsse vs Sanna Winner: Kalsse
Kalsse vs Acky Winner: Kalsse

Sanna giving hard time for Topi

Topi Defeated!!

Poppers starting bloody serious battle...

And the Spider men room mates, only 1 week left together :(

here's the links for the galleries 1 more time:
Hatsolo's party

Boat & Summer cottage


And also Check out pictures from SADE by Otso Kääriäinen:


Aieeghhhht, stay tuned for more of that freshh stuff.