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Thursday, April 15, 2010

About artist's earnings from online sells

If you are interested about how much an artist has to sell online to get a minimum wage, take a look:

Let's take Finland & Spotify , for example ;)

If everybody in Finland - thats 5 million people - would listen to one artist for one play during one month, the artist would get a "minimum wage" for that month. And what if you have 5 head band? :)

So.. it's like your parents propably told you. Get A JOB!!

Source :

Btw. You can now start listening to my two tracks in Spotify for 5 million times every month:

Olli – Boogaloo Danger, Vol. 1 Single


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apple Updates Macbook Pros

I have been waiting for the Macbook Pro updates for ages and finally they arrived today, April 13th 2010.

You can check them here:


I looked forward for the intel i5 / i7 processors, which come along with 15" & 17" MBP's.
Sadly they didn't come with 13" tho.

Now, since 15" price bumped pretty high (starting now from 1799 €), I decided not to go with the laptop models, even tho it's necessary for a DJ nowadays. I hope my old macbook will be able to continue it's journey for some months to come.

When it comes to making music:
Even tho I love Pro Tools Software from digidesign (AVID), I can't really recommend it if you don't have a banging system to run it with. Especially, if you are planning to use some software synths or heavy plug-ins, you can forget about using it with 3 year old macbook. That's why I had to get a new computer.

I ordered iMac 27" i7 with 8 GB RAM.

Goodbye CPU BUFFER SIZE!!!!! Welcome Expressing Yourself.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

'7 Days' Spotify Playlist & Adidas Star Wars Pics

I just updated my spotify playlist 7 Days.. You can listen it here:

7 Days by Olli @ Spotify

Last month adidas had their announcements of Star Wars edition. Flow-Mo was at the spot of course.

They got me bastards.

Friday, April 2, 2010

couple rnb joints

Nothing beats the Finnish summer late night & the early morning. That's for me of course - the nature is always connected to your memories. It's Breezy, Bright and the Sun is almost there.

It don't matter where you are tho. At southern area it's the same. Even if it's Warm, Dark & no Sun like at Switzerland's mountains, it is a pretty fine example of that.

Both of the these places are my memories anyway from the teenage years. Why there are drinks involved?

Erykah Badu - Strawberry Incense Prod. Madlib
Listen at www.erykahbadu.com

Other picks of the day:

Joe - Last Night Home

E-40 f. Bobby Valentino - Stilettos & Jeans

Bell Biv Devoe - Welcome to my heart: