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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Circle Prinz, UK CHAMPS solo's & Finnish championships 2009

In Finland it a buzy times.

Yesterday we had Circle Prinz Finland

Winners were Ukraine's Ruffneck bboys.
Second place was taken by Deep Bangers.

Nice party & competition, great cyphers! Only minus was that people didn't drink enough (bad for organizers moneywise, good for humans healthywise)

Timo / deep bangers:

Today was UK bboy championships 2009 Finland & Finnish championships in same contest.

Winner was Flow-Mo's own Hatsolo.
Bgirl category for finnish championships was also for Flow-Mo, this time Bgirl A.T.
under 16 years was taken by Bboy Toast.
In bboy category it was 70 participants from all over the world.
It would have been 71, but I was late for signing =)

Hatsolo & A.T.

Tomorrow it's UK champs crew eliminations... but now it's a party time -->.