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Monday, August 30, 2010

Olli - Talkbox Freestyle on Play Your Guitar Brother Roger

What's up!!

I Uploaded a talkbox freestyle on Roger Troutman's - Play Your Guitar Brother Roger.

Check it out:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mr Wiggles in Poland

Humble thanks for the Mr. Wiggles throwing it down on two of my beats in Poland Bruk European challenge festival. Wigz is kinging it on any beat tho & I can't give enough credits.. Nuff Said!!

The songs are in iTunes too:


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flow Mo vs Ghost Crew in Cypher 2010

Circle Prinz & UK Champs qualifications & Finnish Championships went down last weekend and of course the Skeme's & Teknyc's party "The Go Off". The Party was COOL including ancle twistings and overall the night made the next competition day more interesting.

Flow Mo is now 6 times Finland's Champion.

I got to say thanks for all the people that came. Amjad, Skeme, Timber (MERBER), Renegade, Anonymous, Alien Ness, Teknyc, Hooch & Channel 4, Lamine, & the all crews and dancers and organizers Anssi, Focus, Ale, Saiffa etc!! It was a 3-4 day blast...

Anyway the illest of the weekend was cypher battle between Flow Mo and Ghost Crew!
Thanks Ima, Ata & Flaco, it definetly made the day!

Part 1

Part 2

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summersade 2010 @ Saiffa

Sade festival 'Summer sade' 2010 will be arranged this Saturday 7th of August 5 pm - 8 pm at Saiffa, Helsinki.
The address is Lönnrotinkatu 25 A.

Don't miss the jam cause it's going to be as great as always!!


Saturday 7th of August, time 5 pm - 8 pm @ Danceschool Saiffa, Helsinki

Tickets 8 euros. (NOTICE! Limited amount of tickets, so be there early!)


- Showcases
- 7 To Smoke POPPING battle
- First Time Battle - Allstyles
- Cyphers and Jamming

SUMMERSADE is a audience friendly SUPEREVENT. The event concists of battles and free "jamming".
For the first time, SADE will pick the best "Jammer" of the event/evening, from all the participants of the event, so people from the audience can also win this title.

In battles SADE organizes a Popping 7 To Smoke Battle,
which has never before been organized in Finland.
Also for people with little or no experience in battling,
SADE presents the new "First Time Battle" - AllStyles format, which is meant for dancers who has no or little experience in battles.


- 7 To Smoke Popping Battle


- Pistol Pete (Back to the Funk, Boog 4 Life, Animated Avatars)
- Saku (Beat Warriors)
- Jeniwai (Double J', Boog 4 Life)

Winner gets 50 Euros pricemoney!

- First Time Battle -ALLSTYLES


- Saku (Beat Warriors)
- AT (FlowMo)
- Kaisa (BadAss, Cleva)

Winner gets 50 Euros pricemoney!

See you there!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

random stuff!

Breakfast on the boat!!

Can't front on summer

Aden claiming first popping victory at Saiffa's popping jams!! Congrats!!

Popping Jenny killing it on the mic (Focus' Birthday):

Me doing 'Kova Ote' Recordings:


Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Friday Night Popping 1vs1" 2.7.2010 @ Saiffa

There will be crazy vibed 1 vs 1 Popping event at Saiffa 2.7.2010!! Welcome to BATTLE!!

The Go Off Finland w/Dj Anonymous & Dj Skeme Richards (USA)

That's right, NYC's sickest party "THE GO OFF" comes to the Helsinki, Finland for a special 1 night event @ "KUUDES LINJA" With DJ SKEME RICHARDS & DJ ANONYMOUS rocking the best in Classic Hip Hop, Funk & Soul. come thru & party with us as we take you on a funky journey you'll never forget.

Teknyc, Flow Mo Crew and Yo! Kuudes Linja Raps Present:


Saturday August 21st

DJ Skeme Richards (USA) & DJ Anonymous.

@ Kuudes Linja
Hämeentie 13, (Helsinki Finland)

22-04, 20+

More information


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spin off @ Holland, Saiffa classes, Spotify update, Saiffa pics etc!!! Midsummer fest 2010!!


Last weekend was Dance Beat @ Kuopio. 2 days get off !! was nice....... I was hosting & DJn at the same time =). that's evolution!!

Speaking of evolution.. Next weekend we are going to judge Holland for Spin Off Jam, which are Evolution NYC eliminations. Winners will get the tickets to states.
Flow-Mo is Judging the bboy comps but I wonder what's happening on the popping side! Next weekend it's also midsummer fest, in Finland which means : CRAZYYYYY WEEKEND.
Happily, we will avoid it tho.

instead, WE WILL HAVE SPRING BREAK PART 2 in HOLLAND!! WATCH OUT!!!! :D (anybody in Sweden couple months ago knows what i'm talking about)

We will have also a theatre showcase in Rotterdam.

I took couple pictures from our new dance school 'Saiffa' class room... it's like this:

Classes for July & the rest of 2010 is now published.. check it out:


(Couldn't Fit it to screen, so click it)


(Couldn't Fit it to screen, so click it)

Oh yeah, POE-ONE is coming to Finland!! He will have workshops at Saiffa in JULY as well!! Don't MISS IT!!:

Hmm.. what else..?

Just updated my '7 days' spotify playlist, it's a bit rnb vibed this time, but take it in positive way, ok?

Remember to subscribe for it!!

All my heads see you next weekend in Holland (Amsterdam & Rotterdam).

Friday, May 21, 2010


Finally!! I got some pics, so I can blaze this great information for all of ya:

Saiffa Oy - Flow Mo Dance School has an opening party on Saturday 22.5.2010 at Lönnrotinkatu 25 A 2. floor 00180 Helsinki!

We have been busy making this happen so I want to welcome all of you to party and enjoy free workshops 22.5.-27.5.!

Now the pics....!
I'll keep the dance class room still in the shades, haha!! but since the party is already tomorrow, I'll reveal some pics of our lounge:

The Entryway:

The Lounge:

The Desk:

The Corner:

So WELCOME on Saturday, Free classes 12-15 o'clock and The Jam starts at 16.00.
I'll be spinning records with Dj Rome-1 aka Desto!

Here's the flyer:

More info about the classes at Saiffa's website www.saiffa.fi

Peace & Muchos Love!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

About artist's earnings from online sells

If you are interested about how much an artist has to sell online to get a minimum wage, take a look:

Let's take Finland & Spotify , for example ;)

If everybody in Finland - thats 5 million people - would listen to one artist for one play during one month, the artist would get a "minimum wage" for that month. And what if you have 5 head band? :)

So.. it's like your parents propably told you. Get A JOB!!

Source :

Btw. You can now start listening to my two tracks in Spotify for 5 million times every month:

Olli – Boogaloo Danger, Vol. 1 Single


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apple Updates Macbook Pros

I have been waiting for the Macbook Pro updates for ages and finally they arrived today, April 13th 2010.

You can check them here:


I looked forward for the intel i5 / i7 processors, which come along with 15" & 17" MBP's.
Sadly they didn't come with 13" tho.

Now, since 15" price bumped pretty high (starting now from 1799 €), I decided not to go with the laptop models, even tho it's necessary for a DJ nowadays. I hope my old macbook will be able to continue it's journey for some months to come.

When it comes to making music:
Even tho I love Pro Tools Software from digidesign (AVID), I can't really recommend it if you don't have a banging system to run it with. Especially, if you are planning to use some software synths or heavy plug-ins, you can forget about using it with 3 year old macbook. That's why I had to get a new computer.

I ordered iMac 27" i7 with 8 GB RAM.

Goodbye CPU BUFFER SIZE!!!!! Welcome Expressing Yourself.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

'7 Days' Spotify Playlist & Adidas Star Wars Pics

I just updated my spotify playlist 7 Days.. You can listen it here:

7 Days by Olli @ Spotify

Last month adidas had their announcements of Star Wars edition. Flow-Mo was at the spot of course.

They got me bastards.

Friday, April 2, 2010

couple rnb joints

Nothing beats the Finnish summer late night & the early morning. That's for me of course - the nature is always connected to your memories. It's Breezy, Bright and the Sun is almost there.

It don't matter where you are tho. At southern area it's the same. Even if it's Warm, Dark & no Sun like at Switzerland's mountains, it is a pretty fine example of that.

Both of the these places are my memories anyway from the teenage years. Why there are drinks involved?

Erykah Badu - Strawberry Incense Prod. Madlib
Listen at www.erykahbadu.com

Other picks of the day:

Joe - Last Night Home

E-40 f. Bobby Valentino - Stilettos & Jeans

Bell Biv Devoe - Welcome to my heart:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Battle For The Middle Earth - Bboy Jam in Jyväskylä 27th March 2010

Yeah It's Been quiet here, which I'm not even sorry about because we have been in PANAMA for last couple weeks with Hats .. living that good life.

Next weekend we'll be back tho! There will be a jam called 'Battle For The Middle Earth' in Jyväskylä 27th March 2010. Busdrive there leaves from Helsinki on Saturday morning. But few travellers are still missed (It's in Finnish only):


So better sign up for the cheap roundtrip bus Helsinki-Jyväskylä-Helsinki! You should do it already on 24th of March.

Here's the Flyer:

Friday, March 5, 2010

How about living your life?

The sunshine.

In the northern areas - like here in Finland, you are in a dark a lot. So when you finally have a bright day like today, you start thinking about happy things for a while.

I graduated from business economics school to be an entrepreneur! And I did. But still, at the times, it feels that I've been sitting countless hours doing nothing that matters. I've done Music & Dance for last several years but without bigger benefit so far. Still I can do whatever I want - I'm not responsible for anyone.

It sounds like a dream. For me, it's a dream indeed but there are unfilled space to make it right. Also doing "nothing" is frustrating when you do it a lot - In the dark, In the Cold. So my dream is to do the same things but in a different environment - travelling like this for a while =) :

Do probly this every once in a while.

Somebody might know that I like sailing. But with sailing you got couple problems.

  1. In Finland you got average 3 months of sailing time and then the seas freeze again. Doesn't sound too tempting to use large amount of money for a boat, does it?

  2. When you are sailing, it's pretty much all the work you can do! So how you live?

  3. Sailing boats are expensive.

So answer to the first and perhaps the third question are that if you want to sail a lot, you have to go to warmer environment to do it around the year. I mean if you buy a boat which costs, lets say 150 000 euro, you don't buy it for using it randomly 5 weekends in the summer and then lift it up on the ground for 9 months. At least if you don't have extra pocket money like that.

So why not to buy a boat in meaning as house? You could live there.

Can you afford to buy a boat, take a 150 000 euro loan, travel around a year and not to work for paying the money back?

Maybe there is answer in the world wide web. World has changed in past 20 years alot. Maybe I can afford the trip just blogging? Maybe it's possible to get sponsors to cover the expenses? Maybe answer is to start organizing tourism trips in asia or caribbean? How about making internet solutions that make some money?

Whatever your goal is, there's tools if you accept the challenge.

My roommate just sent me a SMS from Sri Lanka. He said he's still in one piece (there's still some ”terrorist attacks”) and that the waves are unbelievable in front of his crib. I was pretty close to travel there too with him but I just didn't buy the tickets. Now I'm in still in Finland. Doing the same old..!!

So If you are ready to explore the world and do what you want, just go ahead. There's not too much to lose, your fam is still there. Are you studying hard to graduate and get job to secure your future? Secure it later! Not ready to accept the fact that you might die? At least you die doing something that you wanted. You want to develope your skills in dance?

To be honest: f*** the 'skills'!! it's not about this or that move or this or that technic that you still have not mastered. THINK ABOUT THE CHARISMA AND EXPERIENCE WHAT YOU GET OF DOING WHAT YOU WANT. You win 100x more battles with that, by learning from yourself and by not giving a shit of what he and she told you is the right way to do. OK, you might counter some challenges winning the biggest stage competitions, but who cares about winning BOTY anyway? (And with those cash prizes there's for dancers the effort are VAIN!)

So yesterday I put our sailing boat 'Compis 28' for sale to get a big ass boat to fulfil my dreams for next couple of years.


What's your dream?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter SADE 2010

Last weekend there was Winter Sade -event in Helsinki. They brought Yasco of RM sisters / Japan. Yasco is nice =). I Deejayed the event.
Couple years back the event was insane, but this year I played "normal tracks" (excluding planet rock of course).

Here's the final of the 2vs2 ALLSTYLE battle 2010 (facebook video).
Jenni & Yemppa won:


People asked about the track names of the battle, here ya go:

1. Method Man - Release Yo'Delf Remix
2. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock =) =)
3. Aaron Evo - Reborn
4. Dj Chus & Rob Mirage - Back 2 NY

For previous SADE Festival memories, here's 4ever living solo from Antopio to Metallica, SADE festival 2008 (Autumn) allstyle battle:


Here's the video from Winter SADE Festival 2008, i recommend it aswell ! =) (If you are in hurry you can go straight to 3:50)


Kod 6

It seems KOD 6 (Keep on dancing) in China was crazy this year. The line up.. serious biz.
Kite won the popping category. congrats!

Here's whole lotta Number 1 dancers in the world in the clip below, found my song 'Precious Thing' there too. The second song is pSyk Remix of Phat Beat Orchestra - Wrecking Crew Orchestra. (The of dancers: Kite, Kid Boogie, J-Smooth,Brian Green, Loose Joint, Jr Boogaloo, Lia , Hojin, Dino, Sonic):


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ATCQ - Stressed Out Remix

Feeling this one alot.. Faith Evans , Raphael Saadiq & A Tribe Called Quest. I think this one was produced by Raphael Saadiq.

I couldnt find the music video but here's the track anyway (If you got Playstation 3, go check the video from Vidzone. I got it on serious repeat):


Pioneer Award to Taukojalka.com

This is already lil bit 'old' news but our website (this blog is also under it) http://www.taukojalka.com got 'Pioneer Award' at 'Nordic Moves' event on January 24th 2010. Nordic Moves was an event that brought electric boogaloos, gogo brothers, juste debout finland etc in Finland at the same time.

Does it mean then that also my dull stories are taking this culture forward? haha. The Biggest credit of the award goes to my friend Jesse Bäck fo sho (Webdesigner aka Jesse Levy) who I have known since 10 years old. When we first met, we were getting down with some bboy shit doing swipes & helicopters at my friend's houseparty on 4th grade to Spice Girls. Shit was ill. I instantly knew Jesse had the Pioneer Award Mastermind Spirit.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hip Op Session France 2010

This year we are invited to Hip Op Session to a beautiful town Nantes. The event is next weekend. Every year it's off the hook.. especially when it comes to afterparty. Hatsolo told me that one time there was Gemini locking in the cypher and I went after him.. If anybody have ever seen me locking, you will just shake your head and wish you didn't see it. I think this was something about 5.30 AM & some bottles rum behind. Well, I guess gemini won't mind. We all love the dance right, Right?? :)
Hah speaking of rum.. I'm looking forward to see RumJad, the host from 7dollaz crew, in the action =)


Boogaloo danger vol 2 youtube clip

I made a little preview clip of Boogaloo Danger Vol. 2.

Here it is:

If case you want to get it (mp3 download), just click here:


I got nice feedback of the album! So far my favorite comment is 'Godlike' haha =)

thanks and be safe!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yo raps

We're just leaving to Yo Raps 3 years anniversary I was browsing my vinyl shelf and these three records got on my hands:
1. A Tribe Called Quest - Love Movement
2. Busta Rhymes - Woo - hah Got ya all in check 12" & and tonight especially Jay dee (remix)


Friday, January 29, 2010

R.I.P Greg Campbellock jr.

Greg Campbellock Jr has passed away in LA hospital.
A legendary Lockers member was a mentor & inspiration for a lot of people in our culture.

Rest In Peace.

Friday, January 22, 2010

http://www.olli.bz Open! Boogaloo Danger Vol.2 JAN 25TH!

I got my site finally up, the adress is http://www.olli.bz

You can listen to Olli - Boogaloo Danger Vol. 2 snippets over there too! The online release date for it is January 25th!!

Boogaloo Danger Vol.2 Tracklist:

1. P Stands For Popping
2. Freak U Out
3. Drama 101
4. Precious Thing
5. Deez Hits
6. What The Time
7. Rampage of Mercy
8. She Was A Zombie
9. Blazin' Fakts
10. Snowing Night
11. Shoes
12. Mole On A Trek f. Linda Ilves

Here's already some hype of the tracks featured in Youtube:

Kei Showcase in Funk Style Session 09:

Gucchon in juste debout japan clip (at time 2:55)

And Kei also in sade festival:

I hope I'll see lot of you on saturday In Juste Debout Finland. Besides JD judges, also The EB's & Ynot will be there too so shit's gonna be FUNKY. I will be carrying the new album & new RNB mixtape 'Gotta Get Game' over there so come & get 'em!

Oh and if you can make it tomorrow (Friday) to Bar Erottaja, I will be spinning there..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Olli - Boogaloo Danger Vol. 2 & RnB Mixtape

Oh yeah... I'm happy to announce that Olli - Boogaloo Danger Vol. 2 Will be out in Juste Debout Finland 23.1.2009. I'm letting you know about the online date before that!

Also new RNB mixtape is out with the same dates at juste debout! Sweet, Sexy, Nasty & Groovy new RNB for ya ass!!

Juste Debout 2010

New years!

Juste debout japan came out with following results:

House of Ninja/Alma (Shuho/Hyrossi)

Haruki & Riku

Hip Hop
Ryota & Riko

Hilty & Bosch (You & Jin)

Next weekend there's China and the weekend after that we will see in Finland.