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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Street Flow 08 & Heaven / Hell

Yesterday was Street Flow 08. I heard there was about 700 people, free event and quality entertainment so why not.

Winners: Jeniwai & Jenny = Double J

Congrats, GIRL POWER!!


Dance.fi presents, Special Training Posse:

And Here we got the Promoter, BBoy The Norsu:

Dope Event, hopefully there's another one coming soon!

On saturday I was playing at was Heaven / Hell at Manala. Party was a great success, just like borat would say. It was first time for years that Manala had queue to get in. Alot of people and great vibe.

BangBro Timo was the first one to break the pint on the floor and first one to roll the stairs at pasila station. Respect for tequila mistakes.

Dj Adou and girls


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Tiskijoni said...

Shiiiet oli siistii kyl heaven/hellis! sen mitä ny muistaa. Otin luvattomasti käyttöön jäbän ottaman kuvan meitsistä. Laitoin kyl copyright pätkän jäbälle! jospa se keventäis rikosta. P'z