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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sade & uk champ prelim afterparties, boats and grillin


Yesterday we had a show at Finnish Championships of grillin!

Look at this wonderful event!!

We had a gig at 11 AM, I personally came home 6h Before gig... so I was fully prepared to do a blasting, energetic show for everybody to see!

but ok we get back to ummm.... last weekend... saturday, party at hatsolo's crib, after UK champ crew battles! The Party got out of hands in my opinion. There were spanish guys Fusion Rockers, Dynasty Rockers, Finnish rock, Mouse, Finlands Deep forest Dealers, rancid rockers, flow mo, Girls, and who else?! Anssikoo! I had enough at 3 AM. Seriously, I feel sorry for neighbours.

All pics from the afterparty, check http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/7667a309937f3594a06ef379e10728ca/

Fishh for life!

hatsolo keepin it real

stylishh as always

bang bro and "uu - uu - it's da sound of uimonen"


Check this gallery for pictures from boat & SADE afterparty summer cottage party. Including foreign stars like Acky (japan), Khan (Korea), Mio (Germany), Oscar & Charlie (Sweden)


I want to thanks all the guests of the weekend, I had great time and it was a pleasure to chill with everybody!

We broke the record of how many people on my boat, it's now 9!! and most international crew for sho. Thanks for Oscar havin such a interest for sailing! Joanna is a veteran sailor already.

After sailing, From left to right (back row first).. Jeniwai, Jenny, Oscar, Khan, Charlie, Mio, Olli, Acky, Joanna

At the cottage

Acky, Jenny And Khan :)

This Arm Wrestling thing is dope.. Later I think I will make a table of who have won who and who is the ultimate winner of all!!

But on this evening, the battles were following:

Topi vs Marika, Winner : Topi
Topi vs Virpi, Winner: Topi
Topi vs Sanna, Winner: SANNA! :D
Kalsse vs Sanna Winner: Kalsse
Kalsse vs Acky Winner: Kalsse

Sanna giving hard time for Topi

Topi Defeated!!

Poppers starting bloody serious battle...

And the Spider men room mates, only 1 week left together :(

here's the links for the galleries 1 more time:
Hatsolo's party

Boat & Summer cottage


And also Check out pictures from SADE by Otso Kääriäinen:


Aieeghhhht, stay tuned for more of that freshh stuff.

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