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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Real HipHop


Im happy that there's people like Primo and Masta Ace etc!! I mean I'm not hatin on ppl like Lil Wayne & T-pain. It's same like with Justin 5 years ago or with whoever, they got lots of good songs. I see lot of dissin everywhere and it's cool too. Real wouldn't be real without Keepin-it-realers.

Anyway i've been dwellin in lots of different genres lately and gettin back with primo stuff warms heart.

On producing side, there's too many cats trying to get their share of music biz so it's hard to success. Remember to be different AND / OR most importantly just do your thing! These things have said many times so aint nothing new but few lines won't hurt nobody.

For more good golden stuff Check my friend Marks' blog at www.taukojalka.com/kulta-aika
(only in finnish)

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