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Friday, December 5, 2008

Poppin CD Comin out!

December is here so get your chocolate christmas calendars up on a wall! One of my favorite ones is Kinder's.

When the boat is on the ground, it's ok to snow!
Me with the first snow in Helsinki:

And the tram nr 9 that I roll with

December is pretty scary because I should have my thesis done, but gettin started is so hard!
Also it's very exciting because I will go to Osaka Japan almost for a month with a party of 6 girls (poppers lockers hiphop & house) :).

I've been working on Poppin project and there's going to be CD out for Japan's trip, next week already.

There's a cut from the CD on the up-left of this site, it's called "Pockets Fat". Take a listen. Let me know what you feel about it. The CD is comin out on 14th of December.

This saturday I'm going to Rotterdam, Holland with Taya. There's some Hiphop festival where the document 'Let it flow' of Flow-Mo's trip to Korea Sparkling R16 2007 is shown among other hiphop films. Then we are going to drop a little showcase tho Im not sure how it's going to be since I've got problems with my wrist and back.

If you are in Helsinki on saturday, go to Gloria for a Christmas Jam, organized by Dance.fi, it will be event and good way to celebrate the independece day of Finland!

Focus will go to England with A.T. to do some workshops, so if you are over there go and check them out. Focus has always dope stuff to show you.

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