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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Japan vol.1

Holllerr & Merry Christmas!

The Christmas in Japan isn't like in Finland + I guess we have to postpone celebrating christmas since girls want to take part to dance classes. Sad!

First week of japan has been pretty busy.
I was out about 6/7 days. Alot of funkstyles as expected but I haven't seen bboying.

Too many pictures to add now while girls are eating basic japanese food: rice, tofu, udon & miso soup. I ate a Quarter Pounder Meal in McDonald's. Yesterday there was 3 block queue to get that meal. Japanese are crazy.

Next Pictures are from Guda Guda 2008 Finals, 2 vs 2 Allstyle freestyle battle:


Cio / Gang Manish

Domique & Yokoi / Electric Trouble

Hasse & Shun / Exze - Dai




cz said...

Hi there, do u have footage of yokoi and dominique at gudaguda?

Olli-Matti aka Mercy1 /Flow-Mo Crew said...


No i don't, sorry, some pics only..

sneakers.fi staff said...

YOoo OMG whats up!! Antopio