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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holland /Black Soil International Hip Hop Film Festival


Yesterday I was in Rotterdam, Holland with Taya. Black Soil showed our document 'Let it flow' on the festival and the black soil people also wanted couple of flow-mo members to come there.

The flight went fine but when we got to Holland, the driver forgot to pick us up and all the 3 contact phonenumbers were wrong in our papers. After 1,5hours waiting we finally got a phone call.

Anyway, beside that, hotel was fancy, called Westin, only sad thing was they not having free internet connection there. I think it is the thing which defines wether the hotel has 4 or 5 stars. After 4 minute bath, we went to eat but before we got our food, the document started already. Happily we had seen it before. After document we had answered to few questions. fortunately that they had something to ask :)

the document screening:

Host & Producer Ballantyne, great guy:

cyphers, bgirls takin ova

This kid had great talent on power moves.. halos and headspins and mills etc!

Dj Cut Nice played funky jams

Pose with Aruna who was kinda organizing the event and other bgirls!

The AFTERPARTY then was reeally dope.

DJ spinna was playing there, he had Michael Jackson vs Prince -theme. DOPE.

Basicly the dancefloor was filled during the whole set! I got my poppin on! But like with most of the best parties, the camera was left to hotel room!

Spinna is one of my biggest inspirations while i was starting to DJ..
Spinna's 12" 'Rock' & 'Watch deez' was 1 of the 2 first hiphop vinyl I bought. Then the mixtape 'Hiphop independence day vol.1' was in a lot of listening back then.

I hanged quite a lot with Rabbain aka Ruby (Peace!)

Reportteri Olli presents Late Nite Chat -series with Taija. No, miten se reissu meni? (in finnish)

And after holland's own fast food and couple hours of sleep we left to airport..

Spinna and us

Yeah overall the 'trip was a short one / but a lot of fun'. Rhymin n s**t!

Thanks for everybody who we met, all the organizers and everybody who came to see the document! Stay in touch!

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