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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Bboy's Worth

Back on the track..

I just came from fashion show, I did flares with just long, orange Bjorn Borg boxers and a wifebeater. Pretty dopish. Selling my soul there. Maybe I'll get it back. Pictures might be even too hardcore for this blog.

ACTUALLY, when I now watch these gig pictures on the whole, they are all kind of crazy, I mean, for example, check this outfit from last weekend Gig at Jyväskylä:

And this 1 from the fashion show today..

(at least our sponsor ADIDAS has visibility here)

These days make a man wonder, what's A Bboy's Worth? -Ollicia Keys

Discuss about the issue freely with comments.

, on saturday we have party called Heaven / Hell in Manala aka Botta, Entrance is free so welcome! Dj's are Adou and me.

event info @ facebook


On Tuesday there is dance competition "Street Flow 08" . Event takes place in Töölön Kisahalli, Helsinki. It is Allstyles battle so bboys might get against ballet dancers on house music. Entrance free on this one too! Welcome! You will like this im sure.


On Friday I will spin in Lux, it's NRJ's silent party, so party people are equipped with wireless headphones and there's 3 different channels to listen to. Intresting.


On Saturday Flow-Mo will battle in Estonia in Battle Of Est, Who's gonna lose to americans this time?


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