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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dance Delight Paris

I'm now playing records every Monday to Thursday about 16-21.00 or later at a café 'Luft' in Kallio. It's open till 23.00 so I might play till 22.30.

Welcome to chill for a coffee or beer or to eat something.

Last weekend we were in Paris for Dance Delight eliminations.

At the venue, which was a nice old classic theatre, Bruce had a info to all crews (about 23), only we and 1 crew from Spain were outside of France.

Don't mess with stretching Ansq :)

This was the venue & crowd:

We had real good atmosphere while warmin up and the show went dopish.. It weren't enough to get any places but we had a nice feeling anyway. So itta crew after the show:

Vane, Ramo, Topi, Anniina, Olli, Jenny

After the show girls were so angry that they started drinkin and especially anniina and Topi got so furious!!

I personally was just chilling and enjoying life

Oh yeah this was the winners, i dont remember the name since they spoke french and i couldnt understand anything:


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koobee said...

hahhaaah kova kuvareportaasi olmi!