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Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter SADE 2010

Last weekend there was Winter Sade -event in Helsinki. They brought Yasco of RM sisters / Japan. Yasco is nice =). I Deejayed the event.
Couple years back the event was insane, but this year I played "normal tracks" (excluding planet rock of course).

Here's the final of the 2vs2 ALLSTYLE battle 2010 (facebook video).
Jenni & Yemppa won:


People asked about the track names of the battle, here ya go:

1. Method Man - Release Yo'Delf Remix
2. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock =) =)
3. Aaron Evo - Reborn
4. Dj Chus & Rob Mirage - Back 2 NY

For previous SADE Festival memories, here's 4ever living solo from Antopio to Metallica, SADE festival 2008 (Autumn) allstyle battle:


Here's the video from Winter SADE Festival 2008, i recommend it aswell ! =) (If you are in hurry you can go straight to 3:50)


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