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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spin off @ Holland, Saiffa classes, Spotify update, Saiffa pics etc!!! Midsummer fest 2010!!


Last weekend was Dance Beat @ Kuopio. 2 days get off !! was nice....... I was hosting & DJn at the same time =). that's evolution!!

Speaking of evolution.. Next weekend we are going to judge Holland for Spin Off Jam, which are Evolution NYC eliminations. Winners will get the tickets to states.
Flow-Mo is Judging the bboy comps but I wonder what's happening on the popping side! Next weekend it's also midsummer fest, in Finland which means : CRAZYYYYY WEEKEND.
Happily, we will avoid it tho.

instead, WE WILL HAVE SPRING BREAK PART 2 in HOLLAND!! WATCH OUT!!!! :D (anybody in Sweden couple months ago knows what i'm talking about)

We will have also a theatre showcase in Rotterdam.

I took couple pictures from our new dance school 'Saiffa' class room... it's like this:

Classes for July & the rest of 2010 is now published.. check it out:


(Couldn't Fit it to screen, so click it)


(Couldn't Fit it to screen, so click it)

Oh yeah, POE-ONE is coming to Finland!! He will have workshops at Saiffa in JULY as well!! Don't MISS IT!!:

Hmm.. what else..?

Just updated my '7 days' spotify playlist, it's a bit rnb vibed this time, but take it in positive way, ok?

Remember to subscribe for it!!

All my heads see you next weekend in Holland (Amsterdam & Rotterdam).

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