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Friday, January 22, 2010

http://www.olli.bz Open! Boogaloo Danger Vol.2 JAN 25TH!

I got my site finally up, the adress is http://www.olli.bz

You can listen to Olli - Boogaloo Danger Vol. 2 snippets over there too! The online release date for it is January 25th!!

Boogaloo Danger Vol.2 Tracklist:

1. P Stands For Popping
2. Freak U Out
3. Drama 101
4. Precious Thing
5. Deez Hits
6. What The Time
7. Rampage of Mercy
8. She Was A Zombie
9. Blazin' Fakts
10. Snowing Night
11. Shoes
12. Mole On A Trek f. Linda Ilves

Here's already some hype of the tracks featured in Youtube:

Kei Showcase in Funk Style Session 09:

Gucchon in juste debout japan clip (at time 2:55)

And Kei also in sade festival:

I hope I'll see lot of you on saturday In Juste Debout Finland. Besides JD judges, also The EB's & Ynot will be there too so shit's gonna be FUNKY. I will be carrying the new album & new RNB mixtape 'Gotta Get Game' over there so come & get 'em!

Oh and if you can make it tomorrow (Friday) to Bar Erottaja, I will be spinning there..

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