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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flow Mo vs Ghost Crew in Cypher 2010

Circle Prinz & UK Champs qualifications & Finnish Championships went down last weekend and of course the Skeme's & Teknyc's party "The Go Off". The Party was COOL including ancle twistings and overall the night made the next competition day more interesting.

Flow Mo is now 6 times Finland's Champion.

I got to say thanks for all the people that came. Amjad, Skeme, Timber (MERBER), Renegade, Anonymous, Alien Ness, Teknyc, Hooch & Channel 4, Lamine, & the all crews and dancers and organizers Anssi, Focus, Ale, Saiffa etc!! It was a 3-4 day blast...

Anyway the illest of the weekend was cypher battle between Flow Mo and Ghost Crew!
Thanks Ima, Ata & Flaco, it definetly made the day!

Part 1

Part 2

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