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Thursday, April 15, 2010

About artist's earnings from online sells

If you are interested about how much an artist has to sell online to get a minimum wage, take a look:

Let's take Finland & Spotify , for example ;)

If everybody in Finland - thats 5 million people - would listen to one artist for one play during one month, the artist would get a "minimum wage" for that month. And what if you have 5 head band? :)

So.. it's like your parents propably told you. Get A JOB!!

Source :

Btw. You can now start listening to my two tracks in Spotify for 5 million times every month:

Olli – Boogaloo Danger, Vol. 1 Single



Marks said...

Yea, kind of sad but true. As they've said for some time already, artists & labels have to figure out some other ways to earn than just selling the recorded music as itself.

SUGALOO/進藤駿 said...

Wow this is shocking truth to me... didn't know online earnings were this low and unreliable....

The music industry needs to find solutions that will solve the problem.

Good music and artists should receive what they really worth.

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