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Friday, March 5, 2010

How about living your life?

The sunshine.

In the northern areas - like here in Finland, you are in a dark a lot. So when you finally have a bright day like today, you start thinking about happy things for a while.

I graduated from business economics school to be an entrepreneur! And I did. But still, at the times, it feels that I've been sitting countless hours doing nothing that matters. I've done Music & Dance for last several years but without bigger benefit so far. Still I can do whatever I want - I'm not responsible for anyone.

It sounds like a dream. For me, it's a dream indeed but there are unfilled space to make it right. Also doing "nothing" is frustrating when you do it a lot - In the dark, In the Cold. So my dream is to do the same things but in a different environment - travelling like this for a while =) :

Do probly this every once in a while.

Somebody might know that I like sailing. But with sailing you got couple problems.

  1. In Finland you got average 3 months of sailing time and then the seas freeze again. Doesn't sound too tempting to use large amount of money for a boat, does it?

  2. When you are sailing, it's pretty much all the work you can do! So how you live?

  3. Sailing boats are expensive.

So answer to the first and perhaps the third question are that if you want to sail a lot, you have to go to warmer environment to do it around the year. I mean if you buy a boat which costs, lets say 150 000 euro, you don't buy it for using it randomly 5 weekends in the summer and then lift it up on the ground for 9 months. At least if you don't have extra pocket money like that.

So why not to buy a boat in meaning as house? You could live there.

Can you afford to buy a boat, take a 150 000 euro loan, travel around a year and not to work for paying the money back?

Maybe there is answer in the world wide web. World has changed in past 20 years alot. Maybe I can afford the trip just blogging? Maybe it's possible to get sponsors to cover the expenses? Maybe answer is to start organizing tourism trips in asia or caribbean? How about making internet solutions that make some money?

Whatever your goal is, there's tools if you accept the challenge.

My roommate just sent me a SMS from Sri Lanka. He said he's still in one piece (there's still some ”terrorist attacks”) and that the waves are unbelievable in front of his crib. I was pretty close to travel there too with him but I just didn't buy the tickets. Now I'm in still in Finland. Doing the same old..!!

So If you are ready to explore the world and do what you want, just go ahead. There's not too much to lose, your fam is still there. Are you studying hard to graduate and get job to secure your future? Secure it later! Not ready to accept the fact that you might die? At least you die doing something that you wanted. You want to develope your skills in dance?

To be honest: f*** the 'skills'!! it's not about this or that move or this or that technic that you still have not mastered. THINK ABOUT THE CHARISMA AND EXPERIENCE WHAT YOU GET OF DOING WHAT YOU WANT. You win 100x more battles with that, by learning from yourself and by not giving a shit of what he and she told you is the right way to do. OK, you might counter some challenges winning the biggest stage competitions, but who cares about winning BOTY anyway? (And with those cash prizes there's for dancers the effort are VAIN!)

So yesterday I put our sailing boat 'Compis 28' for sale to get a big ass boat to fulfil my dreams for next couple of years.


What's your dream?

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