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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in Finland


Ok I try to keep up with this but I bought Playstation 3 just few days ago so Im hooked with that too :)

Now, since it's hard to be specific about last long trip in japan, I just up some random pics and try to get feeling about them.

Osaka Jo-castle:

One of the few sightseens in Osaka, the best place where I visited in city. I went there two times, first time alone since girls were busy dancing, the second time with them.

First time
the day time (sorry about nature art stuff ;) but it's pretty beautiful right?)

Second time, doing the spider pig from simpsons (ADIDAS BE HAPPY FOR REPPING!!!)

Girls and The Main Man

Another nice place to visit is DEFINETLY Kyoto city, it's about 45min from Osaka by train. Japan's ex-capital. A lot of old school temples and shrines.. I went there 3 times. First time for a club, Second time for tourist stuff and third time legendary popper Seen and Chiho (Thanks very much for everything, you are beautiful people, I look forward for yall to come in Finland!!) showed us places, well basicly we just shopped that time but anyway :)

Ok so..
On the way to Kyoto.. (with brand new used Sigma 10-20 mm widescreen objective :) )

Sneak photographer

Kyoto city from high temple area

Yeah, the first time I went to Kyoto for club at daytime with Yemppa. My man Hongou from HEX BEX had a showcase there with HEX BEX & XXX LARGE. I didnt intend to stay there for a night party but then i decided to do so afterall. Yemppa went back to Osaka for a house club tho. Anyway the night was coo !

Kyoto at night time

hex bex & xxx-large showcase:

Other showcases:

Hongou & Me

Dai +

So many japanese names so hard to be sure but I'd say

Mes & Me

Maple Comics designs n all that! hussstle

After club we went to eat breakfast japanese style, dayymmnn, I was hungry. And Japanese people are really really nice. thanks all yall

Beautiful Kyoto in the morning

After Clubs & breakfasts I took train back to hostel and another usual day was completed when I got back to crib at 9.30 AM. Anniina was soo sweet that she wasn't even sleeping since she knew I was coming. So there she was, awake, waiting for me :).

Next day was 'Cross Over' event, The event that ends the year at Alley-Oop dance school.. I was prepared to sleep max 3 hours, since I knew girls would have a showcase there and I COULDNT MISS IT, since I MISSED THE PREVIOUS in 'Female trouble' event and the GIRLS WOULD KILL ME IF I MISS THIS ONE TOO!

So, next post will be about it, keep coming!!


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