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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Juste Debout Finland 2009

Last Weekend was Juste Debout Finland & Nordic Moves Street SM 2009 in Helsinki.

Elite Force Crew, Twins, Tony Gogo, Shannon, Damon, Aaron hosting, me on the decks with dj 3rd + more more

1st day:
(Juste Debout)

(for all the pics of DAY 1 only visit http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/d433ee7e1d35bd54949790d22f0e205d/ )

Me playing hiphop, popping & locking categories

DJ 3rd took care about house

Winners Bolded

Hiphop Final battle was between Saku & Sepe vs Antopio (Flow-Mo) & Anniina.

Locking Sonic Skool vs Energy to Burn

Poppin was between Russians and Maestro Toys won.

House was taken by Beat Fly against Masa & Anniina.




Day 2

Day 2 was Showcase competition. Judges were Elite Force Crew, Twins, Damon, Focus.

(For all the pics of day 2 only visit http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/017db5b876bdbd549929c23813a20aae/ )

Elite Force Crew



Dance.fi (5th Place)

Urban Movement Crew (4th Place)

(S)Exhale (S)Extended (3rd Place)

Will Funk For Food (2nd Place)

Natural Hype (1st Place)




I missed the S-crew show.

After shows..
Twins, Elite Force, Damon, Natural Hype, Mercy-1,

all the pics:

day1 http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/d433ee7e1d35bd54949790d22f0e205d/

day2 http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/017db5b876bdbd549929c23813a20aae/

Today we are going to Juste Debout Scandinavia / Street Star, Sweden. See you there!!

Remember also that Wild Cherry is coming to Finland for workshops and panel discussion 6.-8.2. !! Superfunk vol 2.


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