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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

KPO Breaks 10 pics

KPO Breaks 10 was dopeness. It was nice to see all the friends and party. I feel sad that Kimmo & Jussi will not organize it anymore. Let's organize KPO breaks afterparty next year at least :)

Best things:

1. Premiere of Kpo Breaks DVD 2000-2008

If you have chance, go and buy one. Alot of Finnish bboy history there. I remember how it was when the movie was starting. Atmosphere was exciting!

2. Oldies Battle

Final was between Jesse 13 & Antopio.. It was real close and Jesse13 has some mad serious skills yo I gotta say. Our fellow jury gave it to Antopio anyway who did good as always! Props for both!

Jury for Oldies Battle

3. Afterparty

Afterparty was wild. Cool djs including me, anonymous, rome-1, tibbz, roope-setä.
And After the afterparty is another after party like always.

Pics from cyphers:

Parkes - Ghost Crew

Focus - Flow-Mo
Dark Mark - Ghost Crew
Ima - Ghost Crew
Hatsolo - Flow-Mo
Freakwency - Rancid Rockers
Tumba - Sticky Ruckus
Antti - Deep Forest Dealers
Flaco - Ghost Crew
Tumba - Sticky Ruckus

Flaco - Ghost Crew
Norsu - Beat Warriors
Rexu aka T-Rex

Jesse 13

Freeze - Ghost Crew

Kpo Memories Golden Forever.



Marks said...

KPO Breaks - Top 5 bileet dead or alive!

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