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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food & FDO Competitions

I was in market and I wanted to make some freestyle cooking again, so this is what I came up with: Mercy's Meat & Vegetables pt.1.

1 big eggplant
1 big zucchini
4 carrots
4 fresh champignons
1 big yellow paprica
2 red onions
1 really big sweet potato
1,5 dl cream
400grams minced meat
black pepper, paprika, chili, salt etc.

For Drink:
Dumisani Pinotage-Shiraz 2008 South Africa Red Wine

I recommend wine with very strong taste, since the food is very finnish type of flavor afterall. (typical Finnish food = not very spicy)

1. Cube all the vegetables
2. Boil sweet potato and half of the carrots in salted water
3. Cook / Brown the meat in frying pan
4. Soften the rest of the vegetables in another Pan (start softening the vegetables from the hardest ones)
5. Mix meat and vegetables from the pan
6. Add cream and spices of your taste
7. Make smashed potatoes from sweet potato and carrots, add cream / milk

Remember to enjoy cooking, freestyle and forget the recipes!

Try it And Fall in love!

After eating, working is much more easier..
DJ'n in FDO SM 2009:

hustlin mixtapes

Biggest things in the competitions was Antopio coming 2nd in House (Lasa won).
Jeniwai won Popping.
Sakumon won Hiphop 1 on 1.
Julle & Taru won hiphop 2 on 2.
Across the floor crew won bboy crews.
Bboy SlyRRe won bboy 1 on 1.
Niko Haikala won Locking 1 on 1.

Locking champ

House Champ

Hip Hop 1 on 1 champ

Bboy Champ

Showcase Champs

1st day hiphop champ Pekka


Sonya vs Antopio DiMaestre

Firma reppin Jyväskylä

dance.fi girls with hilarious show


Judges, Damon Frost in Front

Tutzi & Anniina, the couple




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