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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pics'n'isht - Hip 'Op Session 2008 Nantes/France

Hip 'Op Session 2008, Nantes, France

MORE PICS on my gallery site from Hip 'Op Session.. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/6b84164f4d4df3003fa21b8a2008b53f/

We felt happy to go to Hip 'Op Session again, it was third time for Flow-Mo now. This event has always been a pleasure and there are several reasons for this: Firstly, the town of Nantes is spectacular. There is wonderful castle near the venue and beyond that there's nice old town and it's always full summer in Nantes already in April. Secondly, we can travel with almost the whole crew with us. Third reason is preparty, good battles, the crowd, afterparty and a possibility to lose to an american crew, which we usually take. Last reason is good care by staff, nice atmosphere with everybody, meeting friends, promoters keeping their promises, chance to be very wasted after afterparty and breakfast before sleeping at six A.M.

We had some lovely time with Amjad...

Kid Cash and Ader 7 Deez taking a walk

Wartecs, King of the Castle (I have a chair)

You didn't believe it? Deep inside Wartecs and Rome they got soft spot for puppies! FM Love.

After walkin in town we ate properly, got some sleep and prepared for the battles.. I was really looking forward to battle, since our last crew battle was in Total Session like 7 months ago. We had nice time in cyphers.. just before the battles my wrist got hurt, of course I battled anyways which caused that it came injured for like 3-4 weeks then. On the first round we battled against our US buddies, Massive Monkees. Battle was quite even and judges gave it to them. I wasn't too happy on my sets but especially hatsolo was giving his everything! On the whole weekend from cyphers, I remember that Pervertz was rocking lots of dope runs and so were flow-mo and rest of 7$ too. Laos had crazy nice stuff on preparty. I saw AllTheMost, Sam, Tells was real nasty on cyphers. I wanted to see more wicket than i did, only one judge showcase, i heard the second was insane!! Anyways respect to him. I propably saw lotsa others too but I have reeeall short memory.

Our battle against massive monkees

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpLHkd-AakQ&feature=related
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-FKaM-FIto&feature=related

Yeah, the Afterparty was great again.. we bought couple bottles of sparkling wine which costed 1 euro each, big smirnoff bottles, and some Heineken. Sparkling wine wasn't too tasty haha. Happily at some point we realized that Hat-tuna had couple rum bottles in hotel room and i had 2 litres of Cocacola so we went to blend some. Hatsolo sneaked lots of beer from afterparty with his coin trick.. drunken style, Best kept secret!! I even had my moments in cypher doing some wacking and locking (I meant not to be disrespectful at all towards this one locker who was actually quite good, but i just had to go and try.. sorry)

After Afterparty After Breakfast 7 A.M., beautiful! Me and Hatsolo aka Hat-tuna

These ones here are some Martha Cooper shit!! Am I Pro or what?! Shots are from sunday aka The Hang Over Day.

Kid Kash



7doltsuz working

7 Dollaz, Flow-Mo and Fresh piece!

Aiight thanks for all fellaz on the spot.. This weekend is IBE, its a shame I don't have ticket there.. (yet). Tomorrow is Paypack preparty in Jyväskylä tho!

anyways check for...
MORE PICS and BIGGER AT http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/6b84164f4d4df3003fa21b8a2008b53f/


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