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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pics - Juste Debout Finland

Tomorrow we are going to Austria for a crew battle with Flow-Mo. IT*S BATTLE TIME!! I hope it will be nice trip, we fly to zurich with finnair (some people collect records but I prefer flying points even tho I'm dj)

Last weekend was ill. Actually the whole week was crazy.
We playd with fire a bit.. my sailing boat was about to blow up when we had fun with spirit-stove. Then we had a little campfire in the woods in purpose to grill sausages on saturday night:

Another morning after parties...

The very same morning a few hours later, drinking wine and brandy & getting tan at 8 AM with my Jyväskylä hefes.. notice Jani (also without shirt) from from classic Midpoint rockers crew / veteran Flow-Mo member.

So here are some Juste Debout Finland 2008 pictures. It's hard to take pictures at same time when you DJ but i got a few. Some of these are taken by Anssi K with my camera.

I put here only couple, I got couple more at http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/b54cecbb83aabe5059f906c8fce3e282/

For some reason every second picture is an extra blank picture in the gallery, so please just skip every second without further thinking.

Vane & Sandra

Mr. Wiggles

Dancefloor on fire (me on the decks)

Focus having his solo theatre showcase

Venue while locking comp

Marika (from filippines)


I had 12 hours of spinnin that day. In overall, Juste Debout Fin was one of the dopest funkstyles jams in finland so far, right after that came SADE Festival tho haha

Mr Wigglez's interview on finnish TV channel at youtube:


BTW the SADE festival's trailer is worth of checkin

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Kwpm_fN-Ic If you haven't yet :) haha.. it sure got out of hands!!

Aiight so couple pics more of JD in http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/b54cecbb83aabe5059f906c8fce3e282/

Check again next week after Austria!