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Monday, June 23, 2008

Austria International

MidSummer Fest in Finland is an invention of some suicidal people. When you wake up on sunday at 3 oclock, you can't help wondering why we do this for a human body. I had crazy fun tho.


Let's return to weekend before this : Thanks for Prodigyy and others for taking us to Austria. The trip was great. I thought we are going to Austria only but then we flew to Zurich and crossed border lines 4 times aday.

Pickup from airport, to hotel and lunch at Mike-the-promoters's-girlfriend's-sister's-hotel. Mike had an own danceschool, where we went visiting after eating!

Danceschool and Bboy Afro Killa, and an other nice guy whose name i dont remember now, teaching:

I love Switzerland and Austria, the nature is a bit like in Finland but with mountains!

Travelling day is always tiring, so we gotta relax, couple beers and Flow-Mo style freestyle rappin.

What would travelling be without Macs and myspace/facebook/ircgalleria?? focus has macbook there too don't miss it, hatsolo FORGET his at home :(. Rome is Apple hater.

On Saturday Flow-Mo , Officially Fresh, got ready to battle. I got fresh printed 'you know we got flow' green on orange t shirt with ben davis pants and fresh adidas windbreaker jackett, Hatsolo with that powershirt + t-shirt + headspin hat combination, with fat ass print, Wartecs made new Public Enemy style Flowmo Reppin shirt, Antopio rocked with that jacket, Rome Had Puma Matching suedes and shirt and Focus had trousers from suit and focus print t shirt. Shiiiiiiit.

Focus had a workshop there, good stuff, as always

Rome1, Wartecs, Focus and Antopio entered Toprock 7 to smoke and they all got thru eliminations. Focus won that shiieet.

Rome Vs Wartecs Pose

In crew battles, we came second.

Some battles at youtube,

FlowMo vs Streetlife Part 1

Flow-Mo vs Streetlife Part 2

Toprock 7 to Smoke Pt1... find part2 there in tube

Event was good, there wasnt too much crowd tho, but I enjoyed. Quite many bgirls too. Dj Cosmic was spinnin.
After event we went to hotel, took shower and went to afterparty and so on.

We have brand new logo, designed by wartecs. It's called 'FM Reps'. Idea to that logo came (unofficially) from the situations below:

Unfortunately I fell asleep at 6 AM unlike i planned to. I wanted to hang with Hattuna and Desto. Next day Mike told us he saw them outside in the parkin lot lying on the concrete or leaning to the fence at 9 AM. Gettin tan. They still had like 8 beers left when i passed out. thats my boys, im sad I didnt capture that golden moment with my precious digital camera.

Rome with them hangover shades six hours later.

We even visited germany on sunday, there we saw lots of awesome boobs there, in Finnish we say HIMMEITÄ KELLOJA!!!!

Umm.. Ok. That's about that trip.

Mike took us to Airport on Sunday morning

It was dope ass trip even tho we didnt get that winning loot :)! thanks for everybody for that hospitality and care!


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