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Monday, April 4, 2011

Luis Gasca - Sara

This vinyl rip is mono and overpeaking but since I have listened this rip about 7 years now it's good enough for me. You just go and buy the record for better listening experience!

I pasted a part of it here:

In order for a musician to create his own musical identity Gasca believes he must always surround himself with musicians and he must open himself up to all forms of music, which involves the act of humbling oneself. Any good musician who is inventive and creative has to search persistently before coming to their own musical identity.

Gasca recalls the long and tedious process of studying and deciphering solos by listening to records. “If you wanted to study the trumpet you had to actually get the record and take out para-pa-para-pa-parararaleedeedeedata. You had a record that went round and round, and then you had to pick up the needle and find that place again. It’s not that you were gonna play that, it’s that you knew the way that this guy was gonna attack, execute and interpret a particular passage or note.”

Imagine practising the "para-pa-para-pa-parararaleedeedeedata" at 2:18 of the song. HAHA.

Now, if you must - you could relate what he said into dancing. That's why you should learn the foundations first before making a whole new style.

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