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Monday, April 4, 2011

Jimmy McGriff - Pisces

Found this song from the shelf without no covers. It's from a mass compilation so no matter anyways.

Actually when I think about it - I'm not too much into saving the record on it's mint shape. I rather like to see them wear out. Just like all the records that are bought used. Couple scratches on a record gives them charisma. On the otherhand that's a good reason why I'm definitely not a serious collector of expensive records.

This jazzy song is written by Jimmy Ponder. On the record the title is 'Pices', and I think it's from Jimmy McGriff's 'Stump Juice' album 1975. I fast googled and it says 'Pisces' on the album. So I guess the song has two names or it was a little typo monster visiting the record labels.

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