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Sunday, March 15, 2009

DIY : Projecting screen

Do it yourself: 97,5" Projector Screen for bboy & poppin videos + redtube etc :).

This project took couple weeks of my time so been busy...

I wanted to get a screen for my video projector (Sanyo PLV-z700). Buying one as new is eeexpensive.. so I saw people at http://www.dvdplaza.fi/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=97 making their owns so I decided give it a try aswell. I thought I could build it with around 130 euros but it went about double. Also, building this shit wasn't as easy as it shows here. I had to visit supply store about 6 times, messed my head, ruined my practices etc, but afterall, I'm still happy I did it.

Couple hints for avoiding the mistakes that I made :

1. DON'T Ask help from the constructing engineers or supply store workers. They don't know about your project any more than you do.
2. Plan it well, as long as you can. I tried to plan everything right, but still I messed my calculations, and the frames became 10cm wide-wise shorter than I wanted.
3. Use as slim MDF-board as you can get (I would consider 'kapa'-board). Constructing experts from Finnish store 'Starkki' adviced me to use 19mm thick board. It weights about 40kg!!!! + the Frames, so its about 60kgs together. Then try to hang it on the wall.
4. Better have a friend around all the time. While you try to flip 60kg 2m+ thing alone, you realise it just don't happen.

Something that I needed to get started:

216cm x 121,5cm MDF-board (19mm thick)(screen) 40e Starkki
2 pieces of 35cm x 61,5cm MDF-board (10mm) 10e Starkki
2 pieces of 35cm x 176cm MDF-board (10mm)(but make them be 186cm to success :D ) 10e Starkki
4 Pieces of 3,5cm high MDF-Board as a lifter pieces (between screen and frames) FREE Starkki
1 litre of Tikkurila F499 Paint for screen 28e Starkki
2 x 0,25 litre of Tikkurila's black Joker paint 16e Starkki
1m Aluminium pipe (cut in 12 x 3,5cm pieces) 5e Starkki
metallic saw 1 e Anttila
drilling machine (borrowed) 0e
foam or mohair roller for painting 10e Starkki (try some painting store to get it cheaper)
paintbrushes 2,5e
screws, screws, screws + + + 25e
wood glue 6e
12 x metallic plates with holes 12e
3m x 1,5 m black velour fabric 25e
rivet machine + rivets 10e
TAXI to Deliver the supplies, 21e

+ other stuff...

1. First I made the Frames and connected them with these (I first put 8 but then I went and bought 4 more to make sure it holds):

My man Antti from Deep Forest Dealers crew helping!

2. I painted the sides and the back of the screen board and the other mdf pieces which are going to lift the screen from the frames.

3. I riveted the fabric and screwed the lifter MDF pieces to the frames. First I wasn't going to use those pieces at all (I didn't even have them at first). I planned to use only the aluminium pipes with screws to hold it together. That way you could see thru when you watch the screen from the side. When I actually tried to do it, I realised it was easier planned than done. I'd have had to drill from behind the frames into the screen and that way it would be impossible to get the screen and the frames in exactly right spot. And while riveting, use about 4mm rivets, 14mm that I bought first was just too large: 1st - they will not go into board, 2nd - Even If they did, it would come thru the 10mm thick mdf.

4. I glued the screen to the lifter MDF pieces and put them under weights (For TV license inspectors, it seems like neighbour's TV was carried here for a weight)

5. When the glue had dried, I decided to add some screws to make it hold better and drilled some screws to the screen thru the frames and the mdf lifter pieces.

6. Antti cut 12 3,5cm pieces from the aluminium pipe, then sand them smooth! (sawing was the hardest thing in the whole project. I Suggest to find a machine to cut them with, or then just use a friend).

7. Then put screws thru the frames into the screen and put the aluminium pipes in between (In this point adding these aluminium pipes and screws was only a detail to make this look better).

8. Next, drill holes in wall. I Hate drilling the wall. It just never works! I wanted to make 3 holes, but since it didn't go deep enough at planned places, I drilled 6 holes in all. From these holes, 3 was pretty ok, 1 pretty bad, and 2 of them terrible. Bad luck?

9. Hang it there. Latest this point is the one to curse the constructing expert at Starkki. 60 kilos to the wall.

10. Prepare for painting. I Also suggest you to read how to paint before painting, I decided to do it after.

11. Paint 2-3 times.

12. Test the screen with Bboy EVO -DVD (which is dope btw)

13. Buy beer, invite friends and play PS3.

14. Be happy.


Tutzi said...

That's nice it seems to work very well and also it's very stylish! I give you props for doing it by yourself! You have a pc connected to it? :P ps. Please post these kind of messages/articles more offen they are fun to read! + where is the story about your nantes trip? :D

Olli-Matti Lajunen 'Mercy-1' said...

Thanks Tutzi!

I use PS3 but also laptop sometimes.
If Reportteri-Olli has some spare time, he will write about Nantes then :)